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  1. PrintBot can print directly to (almost) any IPP-shared printer. Pro license (around £2,5) for unrestricted print job size and frequency. Works well. Prints almost anything through the "share via" function in Android. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.jsecurity.printbot https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.jsecurity.printbot.pro
  2. No need to hurry. Day-job first! :-)
  3. As always, bundles of thanks, Gary! :-) paypal ref: 7PL81390GY174630R
  4. Hi again, Gary! Any chance you can do this theme for XWLPF as well? :-) Mikkle
  5. Isn't BBM the only RIM device selling point? Many enterprises use MS Exchange, and Android and IOS devices integrate neatly with these environments without too much fuss. BBM - as far as I know - needs extra servers and weird (and sometimes working, sometimes not) integration/sync protocols... What did I miss?
  6. Q: Which markets will get Exynos, which S4? Also, will NFC be available in all markets? (the S2 was announced with NFC, but it didn't happen in Europe...)
  7. Awesome! Thanks again, Gary! :-) Mikkle
  8. Thanks a lot, Gary! Pushing my luck a bit here, I know, but: Could you build a cwm-zip with the blue-themed notificatoin bar (blue circle-battery, blue wifi icon, blue signal/mobile data etc) for XWLP7? - I don't wear green well... ;-) :-) Mikkle
  9. Cheers, Gary! Any chance you can do a CWM-flashable zip with the blue QP-icons for us non-purists? :-) /Mikkel
  10. Thanks, re-installed busybox, all ok now. For the record, ls is a symlink to /system/bin/toolbox Anyway, both "ls /system" and "busybox ls /system" ok now. Cheers, Gary! /Mikkel
  11. Cool, thanks! Solved the SD-thing by flashing the new CF-Root with mobile Odin. Looking forward to update on the other weirdocity... :-) Mikkel
  12. Running LPQ now. The ls: can't open '/system': Value too large for defined data type error is still present, and the related issue with not being able to install app to sdcard is also still present. I was running stock LPQ before flashing this version, and that problem was not present in stock. Any ideas? Otherwise neat and nifty as ever! :) /Mikkel
  13. Running XXLPH now, looks good. The ls: can't open '.': Value too large for defined data type bug seems still to be there, though. Also, Gary, did you theme the notification bar (circle battery) or did Samsung? :-) Mikkel

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