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  1. How do I delete my account

    Please delete my account, as I haven't found any option in the Control Panel. Thanks!
  2. I have the dec 20th right now, with 28xxx version and with the compact menu and that still happens from time to time. I just don't care, ignore it, as it will be corrected when the phone soft resets anyway
  3. Yeah... I also get along 40MB free and sometimes the white squares appears, so I just decided to ignore them. I say it's a memory problem because somewhere in this huge thread, NRG confirmed this. Maybe it's not a lack of memory, but some other thing that gets broken and those swirling squares appear.
  4. That .exe is what I have as a default for the "Action" button! What do you have in yours as default? I want to make the action button working again; what should it point to in order for it to pop up the HTC action center?
  5. I've noticed that the key involved are: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\CHome\SK1TEXT = "Action" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\CHome\SK1URL = "\windows\htcactionscreen.exe" But I manually executed \windows\htcactionscreen.exe and it didn't do anything, so that's what seems to be failing. Any ideas as why the .exe might have stopped working?
  6. Use SKTools; there's an option of enabling / disabling SIPs and also you can set the default one.
  7. I've lost the "Action" softkey functionality; when I touch the button, nothing happens. This is probably a registry entry or something... could somebody help me out on how to restore it? Thanks
  8. Beside this, I've noticed that the SMS alert sound setting is removed from the Samsung Settings... Where can I set this now?
  9. I noticed that in the call history the numbers appear with a predefined format. Let's say that the number is: 349283746, it reads (349) 28 3-746 (or something like that), and it's a mess to read. Do you know where do you change this? In the registry or something? Thanks
  10. Ups... I thought I set this but I think I hard reseted afterwards and forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me, now it's working again. :)
  11. Awesome work energy! Keep these coming! Sadly some of the most annoying bugs are still there... : BUGS DETECTED - Random apps will close while they are running in the front. It's NOT a RAM problem. For example, Touch Player. Closes pretty much every time after 10 seconds and while having 60 MB free of memory. Another, SK Tools, while scrolling some lists, BAM, it closes. Also, many other built in apps do the same... but so very randomly that you can't put your finger in them - Still any button unlocks and the phone (instead of the right-top one, as it should). This is truly a mess since while carrying it in a pocket of backpack, I find out that the battery is draining like hell! (Now fixed, forgot to set it again) - Still the built in player won't advance to the next song while phone is locked. When unlocked, it continues. In any case, and as I said before, great work, certainly a lot better than any other ROM I've tried, so I'll try to keep using it for as long as possible! Regards NRG
  12. You can't with the HTC dialer. You need to install the Samsung dialer and switch correctly (don't corrupt the installation). Look it up here; you'll find it.