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  1. jsmith07611

    Motorola Flipout

    hi i have a motorola flipout if you need help please email me [email protected] and i will also allow you to remote control my pc because i don't know how to do all these dump things
  2. hello all just a quick modification for the new custom rom r3 "This have already been mentioned but it seems many people are still unaware that the lag that many of us have seen in the 2.1 builds is due to one line in the build.prop file! The line by default is: debug.sf.hw=0 - it should be debug.sf.hw=1 This option controls the way the OS renders the UI! (hw=0) Uses the CPU to render the UI and (hw=1) Uses the GPU to render the UI! The original 1.6 builds for the Streak have this option to (1) and by some crazy reason the 2.1 builds (including Modaco's r2) have this to (0)! This is why you think that the Build is slow! Change the line in build.prop (located in /system/ ) with "Root Explorer" (requires root) and restart! Now the UI will be smooth as silk! Just an Edit! This is not my discovery! I have just made this thread to make this more visible!" see this link http://android.modaco.com/index.php?showto...mode=linearplus
  3. Dear mr Paul please can you give me some instructions on how to make my san francisco into hebrew language. please tell me which files i should install. thank you very much