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  1. den_breacker

    Buying devices direct from China

    You forgot the Xiaomi Mi2
  2. Hi, Is it possible to add support for pocket? It would be nice if you could share links automatically from tweakdeck to pocket. Now you have to open the link in your browser and then share the link to pocket...
  3. den_breacker

    stable rom?

    I flashed FLB 1.7 and installed Swapper2 for some extra memory. Hopefully he doesn't get problems anymore... If there still would be some problems, i'll give him 1.5.
  4. den_breacker

    stable rom?

    hmm, maybe 1.5 is indeed the way to go. Because I think he can't handle that much :-)
  5. den_breacker

    stable rom?

    hmm, that's very out dated...
  6. den_breacker

    stable rom?

    Hi, I've owned the pulse for about a year, but recently I sold him to a friend. Since then, i didn't follow this forum anymore, So I'm not up to date with the pulse-rom's. My friend (who bought the Pulse) now had some problems receiving text messages, so he asked me what to do. Which rom is the stablest en safest I can put on the Pulse right know? Because my friend is quite a noob, so I want to give him a bug-less phone. So, which rom and is SWAP necessary? thanks in advance!
  7. den_breacker

    rom for flashing trough fastboot

    Didn't had a nandroid back up. But the problem is solved. Apparently it's possible to mount your SD card in recovery :-)
  8. den_breacker

    rom for flashing trough fastboot

    Hi! Can someone give me the files which I need to flash trough fastboot? I'm stuck in a bootloop and I can't put any files on my SD Card anymore... thanks!
  9. den_breacker

    The Official "I'm not leaving the Pulse" thread

    I switched my Pulse for the Nexus one. Much better then the pulse! :-)
  10. den_breacker

    CyanogenMod 6 Discussion / Help

    Indeed, that does the trick! But with every reboot, swap is gone :S I tried to enable JIT with "a2sd jit", got an error, phone rebooted en ran into a bootloop.
  11. den_breacker

    CyanogenMod 6 Discussion / Help

    Sorry for all the questions. But I have partitioned my SD card (512mb ext2 en 32mb SWAP) How do I Enable swap and a2sd and jit?
  12. den_breacker

    CyanogenMod 6 Discussion / Help

    Just replace the boot.img's ?
  13. den_breacker

    CyanogenMod 6 Discussion / Help

    Oh, is it the same for both files? Because i've already flashed the beta-0.20 file :-)
  14. den_breacker

    CyanogenMod 6 Discussion / Help

    How do you flash it trough fastboot, which commands?
  15. Looks great! Would be awesome to have this on the SF :-)