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  1. Is the 3 version network locked

    Three galaxy nexus isnt locked on three, and never will be three tweeted this last friday, also i have one on three and have used three different sims in it.
  2. HTC Flyer Honeycomb leak gets an update

    Excited but not looking forward to the install process....... eck!
  3. Any chance of more download links? not to be greedy!
  4. Flyer on its way :D

    Hi I've got a flyer and a galaxy tab 10.1 and gave my galaxy to gf. Love my flyer!
  5. Hi Guys i'm wondering does Paul or any of the dev's here have an HTC Flyer? and if so are you guys going to Dev for it, I bought one the other day just see what it was like and really enjoying it but if there is no real dev support i may get rid of it, but it sooooo nice!
  6. updated: dualbooting, now also for windows

    I bow down to your genius............ xxxxx
  7. NEW ORIGINAL HERO 2.1 LEAK v1 - Rooted Amazng FAST

    I know its getting old now can't wait for this day to be over, it was funny when benocharm did it cause he's a real Dev but fxxking new posts grrrr
  8. NEW ORIGINAL HERO 2.1 LEAK v1 - Rooted Amazng FAST

    Are you having a FXXking laugh?
  9. 20 minute boot time??

    Yep pull the battery did you do a nanodroid back up?
  10. Will root your phone for free, if you live near by!

    It's phone, carrier security, so each gold card is created for each phone.
  11. Will root your phone for free, if you live near by!

    I would think you should be able to re use the gold card you may need to re write the image from hex editor? I'll have check this, but the code I think is generated via the card only.
  12. Rooting T Mobile Uk Hero

    You need to goldcard, then downgrade, just rooted my t mobile hero. Check out unlockr
  13. Will root your phone for free, if you live near by!

    I know what you mean, but I have two friends who searched the internet to learn how to root there phones, looked on this website and couldn't work out/ wasn't sure how to do it, all my phones have been htc wm phones so i'm used to all this but alot of people are new to all this rom lark, and i think a lot of people are scared off, who could contribute to the community, one friends who rooted her phone is now playing with kitchens trying to custom roms, i just think people sometimes need a little help, if meet up with anyone i'm going just root there phone I will teach them how to do it. Anyway thanks for posting a location! Mike
  14. Will root your phone for free, if you live near by!

    does no one else want to post any locations where you would like help people root there phones, it could like cupcake camp, but root camp. Lots people would love to root there heros but are worried but i'm sure that if they could shown how root in person we'd have a stronger community and bigger. Come on guys and girls let try, if this a bad idea please post.