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  1. dlads

    Coming Soon: MoDaCo.SWITCH for the HTC One (video demo)

    This is something that I would absolutely love on my phone, superb work from Paul here. Just one question though :) Is it going to be possible to swap out the Sense rom or infact the google edition rom for one of the users choice? Nothing against stock but I use another rom as a daily but would still like the use of a switch. Appreciate your work m8, good luck with ironing out the kinks. PS: To everyone asking the dev for timelines, u do know that it's taboo to ask right? We all want to know, but you just don't ask.
  2. dlads

    19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    Hi all, Thanks for the root access firstly, it's nice to have the convenience of one click rooting : ) However, after rooting, i restarted my device and it ran worse than a hero with too many apps on it, very sluggish and poor, Is there something i'm missing here? I'm using the desire HD, the installtion of root went well, usb debugging is enabled and super user popped up when i asked for it using set cpu, even though i can't overclock it yet, as i don't have a modified kernel. PS: I told the program visionary not to start on boot and it ran perfectly. any ideas?