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  1. What to buy to wireless charge your Nexus 4

    I'll wait for the (Nokia) JBL wireless speakers with NFC + charging
  2. Best budget Adroid tablet?

    What is the best budget Android tablet currently available? Specs: between 7" and 10", under £295, with or without Market and available in Europe. Pro's are: rootable or already rooted, Android Market, custom ROMs available.
  3. would flashing this rom prevent me from getting the Gingerbread OTA when it becomes available? maybe a stupid question, but I've never owned a phone before that received OTA's.
  4. RealCalc

    The direct market link is wrong. Fyi.
  5. Replacing TouchWiz Launcher

    I've read on other forums that it has been done.. so it is possible. Just download and install another launcher: Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher, etc.. Someone could even try the default Eclair launcher, isn't this one already installed on the device?
  6. Vanilla Android for SGS?

    You need to push Launcher.apk to /system/app You could always try installing ADWLauncher from the Market... that one should install without problem.
  7. Galaxy S issues: FM Radio & GPS

    can anyone confirm if FM-radio is still mono after latest firmware (JG1)?
  8. Front-facing camera & Fring

    Did anyone try the front-facing camera with Fring (or another app) yet?
  9. XXJFB - Deodexing / Optimising / Kitchening

    SWEET! :lol:
  10. Finally got round to rooting my Galaxy S....

    here's to hoping the latest firmware update is solving the black-outs... I would go nuts if my phone would pause for 5 to 10 seconds every once and awhile!
  11. Samsung Galaxy S Specification

    it also comes with an FM radio
  12. Samsung Galaxy S Specification

    confirmations about included LED-flash incoming... edit: expansys.nl does mention "LED light" in the specs
  13. Prices

    The first prices: - Germany: € 649,- (Amazon.de) - UK : £ 499.99,- (Play.com) Please add as they become available.
  14. GSM Arena (gsmarena.com) review: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i9000_gala...-review-478.php "The new leader of the Android pack"
  15. Samsung Galaxy S Specification

    You can also add that - 2GB ROM (leaving 1.8GB for apps & data). - it uses Atmel's maXTouch touchscreen technology. Flawless touchscreen. - has DLNA/uPnP out-of-the-box for video/audio streaming to clients. - plays Divx/Xvid movies. - no Flash until Froyo update (but has YouTube app)