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  1. inf

    Hands on: Pebble rocks!

    @Paul Been testing the Pebble Glance for a while. Like it much, but one thing I find really hard...controlling of music. It's very cumbersome to get to the music app. Any tips?
  2. Not very good that it seems to be missing the UMTS900 Band. It's strange that the version for Russia has that band.
  3. inf

    Hands on: Pebble rocks!

    Nice review! I'm still waiting to hear from Team Pebble when my watch will ship (ordered on January 2013, so it will take some time still). But I'm looking forward for it very much
  4. How do you flash this with odin? It seems it just checks the MD5 and then quits.
  5. You mean that first fastboot the rom zip and after that the radio and bootloader? I think I read somewhere that the factory image checks the bootloader and the radio version, and if they don't match to what is needed it won't flash.... EDIT: Tested, but no effect.
  6. Seems that even the new SIM card didn't resolve the problem. What the hell is this....i tested with another sim card (another virtual operator, using the same network) and with that sim, no errors.
  7. It seems that the problem is indeed in my sim card. I tested with a another SIM, and no errors...have to order a new sim card from my company.
  8. I flashed the files according the instructions in the flash-all.sh script: fastboot flash boot <bootloader file> fastboot reboot-bootloader fastboot flash radio <radio file> fastboot reboot-bootloader fastboot -w update <factory image zip
  9. I first fastbooted the bootloader, then radio and after that, just the image. It sounds pretty strange that it would be in the sim card. It has worked with custom roms without an error. And it works with ITL41F (official firmware) fine without errors. Does Paul have something what could make it behave like this.
  10. With the sim card...the error returns...
  11. I booted without the sim card...and no error...now to test with the sim card.
  12. Well i'll test it without sim when i get home
  13. hmm actually I haven't tested without sim...could that somehow be the problem? Google has changed something in the 4.0.2 update then?
  14. This is so strange...i tried with those images too couple of days ago. Im now on stock images (ITL41F) from google. But If I use the OTA this error comes. But If I use the googles factory images and flash them with fastboot...same thing. So pretty stranges thing. The error comes straight away when the phone loads the OS (haven't even started the setup). I'm now on ITL41F and everything is fine...though google doesn't even give me the ota update at the moment. Might be ofcourse that they are already beginning to roll out the 4.0.3 update.
  15. Thanks for the tip, but it didn't help. Same problem still :(