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  1. Some One Help Me :(

    well for last option you can hard reset your device http://www.pspmyspace.com/omnia/2008/09/how-to-hard-res.html
  2. my UI= IS iPhoneToday_1.5.4_r300_beta Theme -Livven Themes WITH modification icons are from Samsung Galaxy S II taskbar-pin12 android taskbar vertical scrolling 4 icons per row or without a buttom taskbar 4 icons per row
  3. try this...soon as possible when you are clicking detect,soft reset your device,do it very fast....for me sometime i need to do it like this and sometimes i can wait..i dont know why.... but first make sure that your pc detected your i900 - with windows mobile device center and in "My computer"
  4. i tried it with ock ultra lite rom to save some memory and the result were : NO NETWORK,battery draining,laggy and not suitable for my i900 8 gb..
  5. I am using ock ultra lite rom and I did hard reset and installed andaroid 2.2 on a 2 gb sd card,its working a bit slow,my omnia started to get very hot
  6. i had really enjoy the rom before the upgrade even though i had problem with the jinbox...is the link still active?i need to go back..... i just like the sms interface and the widget plus and i cant seem to find it on the web,i can find another version of widgetplus but not the one in your rom.... what are the chances to have a download link to the earlier widgetplus rom??????? or just to the widget plus and the jinbox ???????
  7. amazing...but one problem...I CANT SEND SMS-when I press.."NEW"(in the sms app)-NOTHING HAPPEN........maybe I need to change the registry.... im using i900-WM-6.5-23118_WIDGETS PLUS(eng) anyone?