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  1. How to root your M2 (A953)

    If z4root dont work, download on your pc SuperOneClick. Before run the app, set enable debug usb on the phone- Regards.
  2. Buy Galaxy S. Ia have a Milestone 2 and a Defy phone. Defy is a good choiche quality / price. Milestone 2: Good: Hard Keybord Camera Flash look good Bad: To much heat using 3g or app's Preview Video recording is Slow. The battery life is very poor The multitouch only works on 2 points at the same time. No FM Radio (Maybe disable) Regards (Sorry my english)
  3. I8000L + JA5 eboot succesful flashing

    Creo haber cometido el error de no haber hecho backup. Si tenes un i8000l, por favor veamos de que me pases la rom. De todas maneras te cuento que me cambiaron el display y ahora esta andando, pero no me cambiaron el equipo. Unos delincuentes los de claro. Muchas Gracas por tu respuesta.
  4. I flash this rom very quickly, but the phone is overheating minutes latter at the final start. Is to heavy for the processor. Please, i need to understand, why the iphone with a processor less powerfull is better running applications? Somebody can help me? Regards.
  5. I8000L + JA5 eboot succesful flashing

    Rodrigo, necesito ayuda urgente. Mi telefono empezo a funcionar super lento, no se si sera un problema de hardware. Me enciende la pantalla de a pixeles, aparecen varios y se va rellenando en camara lenta. Le saque la bateria y volvio a hacer lo mismo. Esta con la jb1. Quisiera saber si a alguien le paso esto, sino quisiera saber como volver a la rom original (SI SE PUEDE), porque si lo llevo a garantia me van a decir que no esta con la rom original del telefono. Espero tu pronta respuesta. Saludos. Rodrigo, I need urgent help. My telephone start to working super slowly, i dont know if is a problem of hardware. It ignites the screen of to pixels, they turn out to be different and it is refilled in slow motion. i Extract the battery and come back to doing the same thing. This one with jb1 firmware. i want to know if someone have this problem, or know hot to be able return like to the original rom (IF i CAN), because if I take it to guarantee they are going to say to me that not this one with the original rom of the telephone. I wait for your prompt response. Regards.
  6. I8000L + JA5 eboot succesful flashing

    Rodrigo: See my post at: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...ndows-mobile-7/ Windows Mobile 7!!!! on Omnia 2!!!!
  7. Expectacular demostration of Samsung Omnia 2 running Windows Mobile 7. See this Link on Youtube: Reference Youtube: iFo3IyIVj8M See this video too, note the screen at boot. Is equal to a PC Bios :( : Reference Youtube: LYsErlTHbgQ Regards.
  8. I8000L + JA5 eboot succesful flashing

    Rodrigo: He flasheado esta rom beta. Arranco muy bien, la velocidad de la pantalla es excelente y la organizacion es mucho mejor. Pero ya he tenido un problema. Aprete el boton LOCK que esta dentro del touch, y la pantalla quedo tenue, luego toque el boton de bloquear del costado del telefono, y la pantalla se puso negra, pero despues no pude desbloquearlo mas, ni siquiera me muestra la pantalla. No se si sera un bug, o hay que usar una combinacion de teclas diferente para poder volver a desbloquear el equipo. El Garmin, no se si funciona o solo dejaste el icono, pero al iniciar me pide que reinstale la aplicacion porque parece estar dañada. Seguir probando software y servicios, pero esto me gusta mucho mas aun que la 6.5 normal. ¿Sabes como liberar el telefono? Me gustaria poder ponerle cualquier chip. Saludos. Translated: http://www.elmundo.es/traductor/ I flash this rom thread. I start very well, the speed of the screen is excellent and the organization is much better. But already I have had a problem. i push the button LOCK that this inside the touch, and the screen I remain tenuous, then touches the button of blocking of the side of the telephone, and the screen became black, but I could not unblock it, even it nor shows me the screen. I dont know if this is a bug, or it is necessary to use a different key sequence to be able to return to unblock the equipment. The Garmin, not if it works or only you left the icon, but on having initiated he asks me to reinstall the application because it seems to be damaged. To continue proving software and services, but I like this very much even more that 6.5 normal. ¿do you kown how to free the phone? Regards.
  9. I8000L + JA5 eboot succesful flashing

    Gracias Rodrigo. Me anime, segui el tutorial para Windows 7 64 Bits y funciono todo de maravilla. Instale el eBoot y el PDA tal cual dijeron. El 3g me funciona perfecto (Tengo Claro de Argentina) y el equipo me Quedo con Windows Mobile 6.5 en ingles. La verdad que la performance de este telefono con WM6.5 se dispara, el 6.1 desaprovecha el potencial del hardware. Confirmado otro GT-i8000L instalado con la JB1. Saludos. Translated from: http://www.elmundo.es/traductor/ Thank you Rodrigo. Encourage, i follow the tutorial for Windows 7 64 Bits and I work quite of marvel. Install the eBoot and the PDA as is they said. 3g it me works perfectly (I Have Claro of Argentina) and the equipment i Remain with Windows Mobile 6.5 in English. The truth that the performance of this telephone with WM6.5 goes off, 6.1 fails to take advantage of the potential of the hardware. Confirmed another GT-i8000L installed with the JB1. Regards.
  10. I8000L + JA5 eboot succesful flashing

    ¿Mi telefono quedara en Windows mobile 6.5? Porque hoy esta en Windows Mobiale 6.1 Mi objetivo es actualizarlo. Tambien lei, que se puede utilizar la interface touch flow de htc, que me parece mejor que la touchwiz de samsung. Esa seria otra de las cosas que me gustaria cambiarle. Espero tu pronta respuesta, y gracias por contestarme. Saludos. Translated from: http://www.elmundo.es/traductor/ Was my telephone staying in Windows mobile 6.5? Because today this one in Windows Mobiale 6.1 My object is to update it. Also i reed, that can be in use the interface touch flow of htc, that seems to me to be better than the touchwiz of samsung. This serious other one of the things that i like it, is to change him. I wait for your prompt response, and thank you for answering me. Regards
  11. I8000L + JA5 eboot succesful flashing

    Hi, im from Argentina Too. Please, do you can send me a Tutorial to Flash an GT-i8000L? If you can, send me an email to take contact with me. Sorry my english.