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  1. Mine does that occasionally, a reboot fixes it.
  2. Doh! Just had a reboot whilst phone was in car cradle! First one since Sunday night. Definitely less frequent now though.
  3. I have sent a few mms, haven't checked if I can receive yet. Had to manually edit the APN.
  4. Well, almost 48 hours and no reboot! Seems to be fixed.
  5. I've found camera ICS works really well with this ROM, very fast. Also great rom!
  6. Correct, yes 2g is a data connection, though too slow for the needs of a modern smartphone.
  7. I've had it a few times while using google navigation. I guess it could happen in any app and not necessarily while the phone is in sleep mode.
  8. Hi, I don't see how this is a fix, surely a smart phone needs a 3G connection, I can understand sticking it to 2G when you know your not going to use it. But what about if you want to use an app while your on the go? Like Google Navigation or other apps that need a data connection to run.
  9. My 3g reboot experience is similar. I mostly get them while my phone is in the cradle in my car or when in my trouser pocket. I used to get one a day on any custom rom but went back to stock b952 generic a couple of days ago and haven't had one yet.
  10. I'm on O2, card is about 3 years old now. Was originally used on my Iphone 3G.
  11. Wow, some crazy drunk posts here today! Gotta say I've used CM builds on many devices before this one, and this one is definitely the most stable, bar a few minor issues it is pretty fantastic! And I'm a software tester in my work so I should know. Still can't believe this phone only cost £100 and I'm using jelly bean on it, more than most people can brag on other more expensive phones. Keep up the great work daz and merry Christmas!
  12. Then there is either something wrong with you or the way you are installing CM9.
  13. Just had a reboot (I guess the old 3g one) while the phone was in car cradle.
  14. Brilliant rom! Only problem I'm having is that I cant see battery data usage when selected in settings. It shows battery percentage only.