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  1. Rom for Omnia Lite

    ROM incude basic software in Flash memory = Operation System + applications. Firmware is something like BIOS in Computer. Its something like "comunicator between ROM and hardware".
  2. Rom for Omnia Lite

    It is firmware (not ROM). If you want to flash the phone, you'll can. Use latest firmware: B7300XXJC2, and flasher + Flash Guide. Version XX include Italian language, but you must flash the telephone without CRC file!!! I think that CRC file is for portuguese (viz http://www.modaco.com/content/b7300-omnia-...28/b7300xxjc2/) ;-)
  3. I would like to see video from front camera on dislay and I would like to record it. Do you know some application (program) for it? I don't know application, which can be set video source. PLS HLP. THX. P.S. Sorry for my English...
  4. B7300 - Lockscreen Bug

    I have Mobile in Czech language and I don't know English menu. But I try to explain. Start menu - setting - Display ant lighting (2. item) - Hold of display (6. item) - and turn off it.
  5. Firmware B7300XXJB3

    Sorry. J=2010 ! I corrected it... ;-)
  6. Firmware B7300XXJB3

    No, you cant. You need find somewhere older version of CSC file for your country and flash firmware with latest B7300XXJB3 files and older CSC file. But I don't know everything about flashing. I recommend you visit http://samsung-firmware.webs.com/. There are information about firmware. There is forum too. If you want know info about version firmware, languages, coutries... you visit: http://samsung-firmware.webs.com/samsunglettercode.htm
  7. B7300 - Lockscreen Bug

    I have better idea. Download and install free application S2U2 and turn off standard hold in setting. S2U2

    For Keypad - touch longer key "MODE" on keyboard and set it. It's in Manual!
  9. Firmware B7300XXJB3

    To Pichorka: If you want french language in telephone, you must flash your telephone without CSC file (only Bootloader, LPFlash, Phone files). And in flash tools you have to choose French. To Farzinnn: Yes its newer. b7300xxja9: J=2010, A= January b7300xxjb3: J=2010, B=February Edit: 02.04.2010