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  1. Good news for R25. But on r24 i've got a problem. I was on R24 with no problem, then i switched on MIUI a couple of weeks to try it and now i'm back on R24 (not a back up, new flash with new baked rom), sometimes my device won't wake up. any idea ? Thanks
  2. I've only two small problems : As a lot of people here, tethering don't work, it launches, go back to the configuration menu et still not activated. Second thing, when I plug it on usb it ask what I want to do, I chose for example only charging and it still ask me the same every minutes. And sorry for my bad english.
  3. okay thanks. I already change the fingerpring but It still not works. I think it's because of the market cache but how could delete the cache directory ? I could pull it but I don't know how to erase. Thanks Edit : That works great ! juste have to reboot the device and wait a few minutes !
  4. Okay thanks ! What I have to change in the build.prop ? Thank you
  5. Hello I just installed ERE36B and i've got problem with apps missing in the market. When I was on ERE27 rooted with superboot I haven't this problem. Any solution ? Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

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