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  1. What happens when you try? My device boots to a Google logo and never proceeds. Apparently there is something about the google edition about partition sizes of the system partition.
  2. How long did first boot take?
  3. Should I have flashed to a Touchwiz based ROM before installing the two zips? Because I can't flash the tar.md5 attached.
  4. Did this and now it's asking for a password. I have to boot into normal OS get goomanager and install TWRP through root to get it to install. I flash ZIPs and it just goes to google logo. Any help would be great. Back on stock 4.3.
  5. So what should I do? Now it's just booting into recovery every time.
  6. I have a Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Edition. I attempted to flash the recommended rom however it failed and the phones screen said secure check failed and never flashed it. This morning when I saw the download I downloaded both zips and flashed them with TWRP I did a full wipe prior to flashing. How long should I wait at the Google Boot before declaring broken? Is it supposed to boot into touchwiz first and is that the issue?
  7. Upgraded to Alpha 17 and now I don't have internet connection on Network? I can now only connect to the web via wifi, anyone else having this issue?
  8. I have run into a situation where I would like to resign an update.zip file after modifying it. Would it be possible for anyone to give me step by step instruction to do this on a mac?
  9. Is the formatting like this?: system.zip/app/coolapp.apk and does this mean we can only add something in one partition?
  10. I have re installed to the unhacked google maps. It still says unknown road instead of the road name. No matter where I am.is it the desire rom
  11. Will that remove multitouch?
  12. I am in the united states using the desire rom.it seems that navigation does not know the street names.sometimes it talks and other times it doesn't. Is this a know issue? Also the little graphic telling me what's next is missing
  13. It is now fixed.
  14. Try doubletwist

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