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  1. same here, I see something about 'get prop' for a second and then it reboots (I use CWM on Y300)
  2. Is it just me or is latest nightly / weekly does not work?
  3. I have high battery drain with cm10.2 and TWRP, I will put CWM and update with latest 10.2 and will report back. I use my phone without 3G... Ok, CWM in place now :) will wait for new 10.2 nightly
  4. Hi, I am using latest nightly 10.2 and I have to say it's really cool... except one thing. My phone just drains batter, with GPS / bluetooth / Wifi OFF in 2G only mode I get 2 days out of it... On stock I'd get 5-6 like this. Is it just me or you guys have that issue as well? I thought this was resolved somehow... or is there something I need to do in order to improve things? Regards and merry christmas.
  5. Hi, This thread become a bit messed up :) Can someone tell me what are the issues in 10.2 nightly from today? Is it good enough as daily driver? Thx!
  6. [DEV][ROM][25.6] Ubuntu Touch

    A stupid question, will flashing ubuntu onto blade3 remove / won't respect it's simlock?
  7. You CANNOT remove simlock by flashing unbranded rom. It's not so easy.
  8. Can someone say / share how to unlock MTK based V970M ?
  9. ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    I assume this topic is pretty much dead now... shame :(
  10. ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    Here (in CH) you can get it for 100chf which is 70GBP too... but unlock is the problem :)
  11. ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    Hiya, But @hecatae attached DFU.zip file in this topic... is this one not good either? @hecatae maybe you can clarify things a bit? Thanks
  12. ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    So, did anyone from who has the device already, would you be willing to try to unlock it with method mentioned here? Problem for me is that operator here (orange in CH) will not give out the code before 2 years have passed, and since I don't want to be on orange I can't just buy the phone and figure out that I can't unlock it... (A bit back on topic ;) )
  13. ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    Ok I did what I could, keep in mind that I am NOT a russian speaker, let me know if you get any progress.
  14. ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    So, are there success stories of above? I am considering buying a blade3 from orange but would need to unlock it :) I can re-translate it into a bit more proper english if someone wants.