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  1. How do I delete my account

    Mine too, not active here anymore
  2. Galaxy note 2 to root or not??

    Rooted mine when I got it, no issues unrooting when I had to get it replaced :D
  3. Hi all, Has anyone had success using the 'bill my EE account' option in the play store? I've only ever had it work straight after flashing a rom (once, then after that a generic error appears). The charges that have gone through have appeared on my EE bill. Is there something in the stock framework that is checked when purchasing? Cheers in advance if anyone can shed some light on this :)
  4. Google Now on ICS ColdFusionX

    Had this running on the paranoid android port screenshot below :D
  5. Had the same links2sd issue. Set up mount scripts and rebooted, re linked apps,lib files and dalvik cache. Data partition was full (using a 230mb tpt) and linked apps wouldn't run. Tried a clean install but had the same issue, noted that built in apps worked fine though (including Google now)
  6. If money was not an issue...

    An s3 or the new galaxy note they'll announce soon
  7. Gapps dont seem to have appeared, and the browser crashes after a second or two.
  8. Yeah Google account sync/calendar/google sites worked for me on a clean install aswell
  9. Apart from the aforementioned issues its nice and smooth so far. After a reboot gallery started working. Wifi working too. All in all pretty great for an initial release!
  10. Backing up and giving it a whirl, top marks lalit :D
  11. With careful usage (no Widgets, no GPS/wifi 2 hours of music,email, browsing and a few apps) I've been able to get 15 hours out of the battery, not incredible but at least I can leave my charger at home :D
  12. I've been on cfx for a few months and decided to give this a try. Very impressed so far and the volume levels are immense!
  13. This is disappointing, going to save for an s3 instead.