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  1. lilim_ac

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    what is this for?? and where is the external/compcache? and what is the benefit using this while we already have swap?
  2. allright.. let me check to the site..
  3. lilim_ac

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    I am using the first beta not the latest one. It's running smooth.. but the problem is some program can not be installed either from market or my own apk.. while the other program installed fine.any idea why it happened? Of course application setting has been figured
  4. lilim_ac

    [ROM] FLB-Mod 1 (Based on Android 2.1)

    one more dolphin browser always run out of memory!! it said "browser storage full" in the notification area. and when i try to make a record in livo recorder said that i ran out of memory. only 4xxx mb left whereas in the internal storage setting in settings it show 20mb! which data is less actually and how to solve this?? since i never experienced this in the froyo both tom g and flbmod2
  5. lilim_ac

    English 2.1 better or different to Hungarian 2.1?

    you should try flbmod2 alpha3 with jit enabled!! the booting time for me is very fast less than 1 minute i think.. feel the different by yourself..
  6. lilim_ac

    [ROM] FLB-Mod 1 (Based on Android 2.1)

    hi everyone.. been using 1.7 with 96mb swap and oc to 690mhz with jit enabled and swappiness 30 for several days.. very nice.. really fast.. quadrant show 284-298 and linpack 4.2-4.8.. only 1 reboot as far as i can remember.. the problem is: everything's fine until i enable jit and swappiness to 30 then the booting time become so slow and a lot of fc in the beginning of the system entry. but after wait and or fc then it will run fast as normal.. but it will take around 3-5 minutes total for booting and lagging in fc.. anyone knows why??
  7. lilim_ac

    [ROM] FLB-Mod 1 (Based on Android 2.1)

    any idea how to enable jit in flbmod 1.7? coz i couldn't find dalvik.vm line for enabling jit... please help
  8. anyone can tell me the linpack, neocore, and quadrant score of San Fransisco? also how about the capabilities of handlng browsing, music, messenger on the background is it lagging? multittasking working great compare with pulse? and what about playing 3d games?? please anyone post your experience
  9. can anyone confirm about the "speakerphone" and the "true multi-threading"? also anyone have tried 3d games and how is it? laggy or can not play ...
  10. what 3d games can it play? have you tried gameloft games? are those working in San Fransisco? is it worthed to use San Fransisco (as I already have pulse like you Rem1x)
  11. lilim_ac

    3D Games on the Blade?

    in my experience i am rarely use trackball to play games. usually we only use the touch screen for games..
  12. lilim_ac

    3D Games on the Blade?

    Yes anyone please report here as I am wandering the same question also
  13. Can anyone please test and tell me the scores of Neocore, Linpack, and Quadrant score? You can download program from the market named linpack for android to test linpack score and quadrant for testing quadrant score. I want to know the capabilities of handling 3d games and so on..
  14. i'm so sorry if it is out of topic but can someone hlp me to buy San Fransisco phone and send it to me as i am in india now..
  15. lilim_ac

    Android 2.2 Development

    i am using flbmod2 alpha 3 and video playback is working with rock player 1.4.4. why is everyone say that video playback isn't working? because the gallery cannot play it?