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  1. @Sonblack: Confirmation number: 4AS5699771607390F. not alot.... but can buy ur coffee..... ;)
  2. if i press the yellow weather update button it's dirrect me to msg...... left and right button can't function....
  3. why my weather N/A???? contable can u help me??? i just modify city, then update and then refresh titanium... but nothing happened :P
  4. yeah thx Sonblack.... tomorrow i'll buy u some coffee :P
  5. I think one it's Sonblack likes... and one is basic.....
  6. haha lol.... okay then i'll wait..... btw, what the different sb 15 and sb 16???
  7. Sonblack,Contable,Lancez SOOOOO niceeeeeee rommmmmmmmmm GOOD WORK!!!!..... thx...