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  1. v0yeur added a post in a topic MoDaCo.SWITCH for the HTC One Beta signup   

    I love you. subscribed and Plussed my membership as a huge thanks. This is an app developers dream :)
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  2. v0yeur added a post in a topic 24/May - FRF50 (Froyo) pre-rooted update zip + no radio option + online kitchen   

    Thanks Paul, works a treat. I am really impressed with 2.2 overall. One question: anyone know how to add a custom app to the Car Home dock on page 2? I am guessing apps need to support it? Battery life is much better too.
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  3. v0yeur added a topic in HTC Desire - Desire.MoDaCo.com   

    bought HTC Desire in Europe for import, didn't read the fine print, no umts band in Canada
    Hi everyone. Was in Portugal last month and bought the desire thinking it was identical to the N1, since I prefer the hardware and GUI.

    Worked a treat until I got home of course so the question is, anyone across the pond want to trade a Desire for something else? Can even sell it at a used price... am open to offers.

    So sad - HDSPA flew over there.

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