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  1. No hangs, just 10 seconds slowdown...
  2. Hello! I have one and after 4 diferent firmwares, I have to say: the screen is sometimes a lot stressfull! Go for another one!
  3. In the past wen i upgraded mine, it only worked in XP because of the method it sincronizes... maybe thats your problem... :)
  4. WM6 upgrade sucks - don't bother

    I really understand your frustation. The device is rather slow, but very practical! I prefer WM6 over WM5 on it though, for many reasons and I don't have that issues you refer... And one should not confuse changes in software with improvements or tastes with flaws! Best regards...
  5. Hello! Or some way to disable samsung sms. I've tried some process witch you can find here at modaco but none worked well. I've tried some 3rd party programs but bugs altered me... Samsung sms sucks. ages to load messages when they go past 20 or so...
  6. S3C6410 & TV OUT

    Sorry, haven't tried yet because of health problem...
  7. S3C6410 & TV OUT

    I really don´t think its necessary because this cable is official just like the spec. But I will buy the cable very soon. I will post the answer after...
  8. Messaging Problems

    It seems that is borring everybody... there is some kind of a patch, but is for omnia 2, i dont knowif it works for omnia lite! Search this forum!
  9. I have the same problem. Any help?
  10. S3C6410 & TV OUT

    I found that the TV-out cable doesn't work with the 3,5mm jack. Its really for micro-usb just like omnia 2 and omnia pro. TV OUT SAMSUNG MICRO USB - AATCX10CBEC. I hope it helps.
  11. Hi, all you need is a cable. TV OUT SAMSUNG MICRO USB - AATCX10CBEC. It costs about 13€ in Portugal.
  12. Call recording

    does it record all voices (ingoing and outgoing)? I've instaled vito audio notes, but only ingoing voice is recorded...
  13. olá. a mim parece-me que isso não é verdade. anda por ai uma rom para usar o sistema android no omnia 2, mas tem bugs e não é funcional. agora em simultâneo com o windows mobile nao me parece que seja possível. O software da samsung é apenas addons ao windows mobile. espero ter ajudado.
  14. S3C6410 & TV OUT

    Hi! I also read on several reviews before buying my omnia lite that it was tv-out enabled. but I can't find any cable that's compatible with it. Does anyone know about this?