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  1. Android 4.2 - are you finding it buggy?

    Big lockscreen issues for me (Gnex on 4.2). My screen kept turning on by itself sometimes every 10sec, sometimes every 1min, it killed my battery life and was very annoying in the dark (i use my phone as an alarm clock). So => back to CM.10 and everything went to normal.
  2. Alleluia!! I've tried almost everything!! This was driving me crazy!! How did you figured it out?
  3. Hi everyone, just a question : I've baked a ir12 ROM, installed it, and i want to delete the "Modaco" folder in /sdcard/Pictures, but RootExplorer keeps telling me 'delete failed'. Terminal emulator says "Permission denied". But the permissions are the same for all my files / folders within /sdcard/Pictures, and i have no problem except for this particular folder... Does it have a sort of magic protection, allowing it to survive a rm command ?