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    Samsung Jet & Galaxy S
  1. Looks like a modded Galaxy S. Any word on release date?
  2. Am i lucky or unlucky??

    You've probably got a locked phone (I9000M or I9000T, or a Galaxy S 4g). You should go to samfirmware.com and select an appropriate firmware for your phone if compatible (check ur version by dialing *#1234#). If it says I9000M****** then your phone is not compatible with the firmwares on the site. By the way I am not responsible for any damage to your phone if you try to flash it with the wrong firmware. Just saying :rolleyes:
  3. Can somebody upload a CSC with this because i have problems without it. Thank you for the Help.
  4. Can any of you upload this to another website like mediafire or something because I have trouble accessing Megaupload in my country (its a blocked URL). Any help is appreciated.
  5. Giorgio Armani ROM i8000

    @Daskalos I would like to try out this ROM because I find O2 ROMs Much laggy (original ones anyway) And im kinda attracted to this ROM. Thanx:D
  6. May you give me the download link on that forum as I cannot read or access my account on that website. Your help is appreciated.
  7. I need the CABs of main menu,asphalt 4 and other games on samsung omnia II, opera mobile 9. PLEASE UPLOAD THESE
  8. How did u then get bck your "my storage" because im also facing the same problem?