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  1. landreths

    rooting Galaxy s

    Hello all I have just been given an Australian Galaxy S (I9000) and have had some trouble getting root - I wonder if there is a root for it as the numbers seem diferent to the ones in europe that I see on here. GT-I9000 Firmware 2.2 Baseband I9000DTJP3 Kernal version [email protected]#7 Build Number FROYO.DTJP5 Can anyone point me in the right direction to how I can root and what can be done to the phone after that to improve is operation? Thanks Steve
  2. Hello Modaco I think I have a similar problem to many but am unsure which fix option/road to go down This is what I have found so far I bought an G300+ from ebay.com.au and it is running gingerbread 2.3.6 and has a baseband 109808 I have managed to root the phone using instructions from www.huaweig300.com All of the other instructions were followed and worked ok until the pink bar stopped and 'load failed' while trying to load the official ICS firmware - also the phone froze at this point and needed the battery removed to proceed - the phone restarted again to the old firmware which I guess is good.... The tutorial asked me to copy the 'middle file' into the dload folder onto the phone's sd card overwriting the one that was there and I did so and retried the firmware load This time the pink bar went quickly further along but again stopped at stage 2/2 displaying 'load fail' and the battery needed to be removed and replaced before it would allow a restart of the phone BTW - I have also found that I have Samsung memory inside the phone - I am not sure if this has any bearing on anything, but it might... OK - which fix route do I take??? Thanks for your help i advance Steve
  3. landreths

    Oh Oh, Trouble

    Hello Dr Dre This sounds promising However being quite NooB I will need step by step direction Or maybe a link to a good page with directions for what I need to do I did try searching for flashrec but could not see the way to go... Thanks for your help Steve
  4. landreths

    Oh Oh, Trouble

    I was almost certain that it was - however I did a one stage try the factory reset - could that have set me back to scratch? the 'about phone' details are... firmware version 1.5 baseband version Kernal version2.6.27-8dd6deee [email protected] Build number 2.73.405.5 146733 CL#61267 release-keys Software version 1.0.0.A6288 Which seems to be saying when I did the factory reset, it wiped the modoco stuff that was on there... bummer! Where do I go from here? Steve
  5. landreths

    Oh Oh, Trouble

    Hi Dr Dre Well I have made some progress, I have cooked a new recovery image and it uploads fine to my Hero but not my wifes... I managed to mount the SD card and download the image OK When I power on with the home key down I still get the ! in the triangle but I have discovered if I push home + power again it advances to some sort of boot options menu, however there are only three options (unlike mine which has lots). they are; reboot system now apply sdcard:update.zip wipe data/factory reset and below that in yellow it says E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command I renamed the image to image.zip and tried again to apply sdcard:update.zip command The process gets part way as follows Install from sdcard... Finding update package... opening update package... Verifying update package... E:No signature (730 files) E:Verification failed Instalation aborted I'm thinking that the SD card has got a problem with its format How do I setup the SD with the correct format / partitions etc Any other ideas? Steve
  6. landreths

    Oh Oh, Trouble

    Hello there, My Wifes HTC Hero has suddenly developed a problem ( drops incomming and outgoing calls randomly) It is running Modaco 3.2, so I thought it might be a good Idea to reload the ROM from the SD I reboot it holding the home key down but instead of the various options there is a ! in a triangle with a dead phone laying below it on screen. I am thinking that this is not a good sign... The phone is locked up on this screen and the only way I can reboot is to pop the battery out and start with out holding the home key Is there another way to reload the ROM than the power button + home method that I could try Any other ideas? Thanks in advance Steve
  7. landreths

    Goldcards... What the...

    Hello there I have an HTC Hero which when I bought it from Ebay came with te SD card removed. I went to the supermarket and bought a 2Gb SD card and poped it in no problems.. Or so I thought. Since then I have been reading on Modaco various snippets about Goldcard SD cards and am now wondering if I need to have the sd card set up like this. Can some wise one please fill in the gaps in the Goldcard mystery for me. 1 What is a goldcard? 2 What will it do for me? 3 How do I go about making one? (Small steps please) Thanks Steve
  8. landreths

    HTC Sync - won't work anymore

    Hi there Same thing happened to me today but with Modaco Hero 2.1 R5 Not sure what to do about it either I have uninstalled Sync and reinstalled a number of times but still the same - Just seems to not sense its there and make a connection... Running XP pro SP3 Anyone got any ideas Steve
  9. landreths

    Noobie question

    Hey zorm, I have managed to change the password following your instructions (It took me a while to sus out the ADB, but I pieced it together OK) Thanks very much Steve :(
  10. landreths

    Noobie question

    Thanks Dr Dre Works great!! Is there much benifit in doing the radio updates mentioned earlier in the post?
  11. landreths

    Noobie question

    Hi again Dr Dre The next thing I want to try is installing the 3.2 Rom you mentioned above Trouble is, I really have no idea what steps to follow... (I have been trying to read up on what to do - but most instructions are written as if I had a stock hero, which I no longer do...) Is there a step by step for where I am at with my phone? Thanks for your patience :P Steve
  12. landreths

    Noobie question

    Ooops What have I done! - Should have known that 'password' ment something not to blab about the place What does the ssh password secure??? - please don't tell me I've opened access to all by bank accounts... Steve
  13. landreths

    Noobie question

    Hi Dr Dre I have my Malyasian handset with me at work which I bought on Ebay earlier this week. Looking at the 'about menu' it seems that the previous owner has already rooted the rom... I think...?? here are the details Model No: HTC Hero Firmware version: 1.5 Baseband version: Kernal Version: 2.6.27-mck-teknologist-1.9 [email protected] Build Number: MoDoCo Custom Rom 3.0 Core, SSH Password NeQTCW Software Version: 1.0.0.A6288 Can you tell me what has been done to the phone by the previous owner? also is there further inhancements that you would recommend? Can I return it to the original rom from Google if I wanted to? Are you able to explain why the google maps Icon is missing altogether on my phone? Thanks for your help
  14. landreths

    Noobie question

    My wife and I bought two HTC Hero handsets My wife's one originated from Europe (not sure which country) while mine was from Malaysia Is there any difference with what can be done with either of these handsets? (which ROM will work with either handset) Thanks