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  1. brtemp

    Nook Simple Touch reduced to £29

    I had issues ordering from nook. So, I popped over to argos. I reserved it on thursday and picked it up on friday. :) rooting, here we come.
  2. Hi- I've encountered a problem with the standard messaging app on my gs2 running 4.03 where there are two coversations threads for the same person. One thread is their messages to me, and the other thread is my messages to them. I've checked out other forums, and others have stated that it is a problem with contacts. So, in an attempt to resolve the issue, I deleted the contact info for the offending person. However, this did not solve the problem. Then I made a new contact (AA) which as assocated to the number. But stil the problem persisted. Then, I noticed when I long pressed the threads (to get the option to add the contac) I noticed that the message header of the sender/recipient (not sure if this is the right term) for each message was different even though it was to/from the same number. In one instance it shows the number [+44794........], but in the other instance it shows is shows as [amy mobile <+44794.......].. even though I renamed the contact to AA. So, it seems that the contact name is hard coded somehow to the header, and thus this is source of the duplicate threads. Now to my question....any idea on how to remove the name from the phone number so that the phone will no longer view these as separate threads?
  3. brtemp

    MoDaCo Recommends... Best Social Media Client

    tweakdeck for me.
  4. funny..I have the exact same issue.... Just received a replacement OSF, and the haptic feedback is not working either. Also, it seems that the vibration is much weaker than on the phone that I just sent back to them. anyone else had this?
  5. brtemp

    Recalibrate screen

    my SF has gotten worse and worse over the past week. Now at times, it doesn't sense the touch at all....As a result, I called Orange today, and they are sending me out a replacement phone tomorrow. all I need to do now is unroot the phone and install all the orange bloatware before giving orange the faulty phone. ;)
  6. brtemp

    Recalibrate screen

    I'm just developed the same issue. I can say for certainty that it is not fat finger issue. .........I'm trying to tap the letter A on the keyboard, and it shows as if I'm tapping L. I've done the rebooting, which helped for a bit, and gave the screen a nice cleaning, which also helped for a bit - but it still comes back. perhaps our phones are possesed, since it is intermitten.
  7. brtemp


    I always thought it as "hawaii" .... not sure why tho'
  8. brtemp

    Amazon.com App Missing

    Hi - I'm stilling running 1.5.. Just searched for the app in the market and it is not found. Must be a US only app. :)
  9. brtemp

    Update on Tmobile uk 2.1 and 2.2

    I too have the feeling that the Hungary release is a 'test' release... However, I think you're giving t-mob uk too much credit in regards to the OS community. Doing what you suggested would require them to pull their heads out. :(
  10. brtemp

    How do I update my Pulse to 2.1?

    ...just curious.. how long did it take to apply the update once you started? I'm thinking of upgrading as well.. and don't want to panic too soon...
  11. brtemp

    Pulse usb port REALLY broken

    check out this thread: http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile...roken-usb-port/
  12. brtemp

    T-Mobile Pulse 2.1 Software Upgrade Guide

    sorry for the newbie questions. just want to make sure I got this.. - how exactly is the "dload" folder to be copied over to the sd card? Through file manager or some other method? - is this two steps? 1) turn off and then 2) press red.... or one step? press red + volume....
  13. brtemp

    Pulse suddenly stopped to boot up

    The same thing happened to me a month ago.. I opted to take it back into t-mobile.... They restored it to original settings - and took 10 days to do so. Not a great option, but something to consider is all else fails...
  14. Hi - First, this is the best site I've found for the tmobile pulse...thanks to all who have posted. I was checking out the huawei site and found that there is a software update (titled: U8220 HOST V100R001GBRC85B004( T-Mobile UK)) for the UK pulse dated 1 April. website: http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/down...0&treeId=0# direct download http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/down...obile%20UK).zip anyone know if this is a ROM update for the pulse?