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  1. iOcean X7 Elite review

    Two short comments: - It is available in EU (Italy and Belgium), with EU compatible CE. - @absro: About support: They are sending replacement GPS antennas and manuals how to replace them. Okay, not Samsung premium support, but funny :)
  2. Official updates upgrade the phone to gen2, so if you apply your carrier's froyo update (if any), you will have gen2.
  3. The most important thing is that without factory support Cyanogen cannot build a 2.6.35 kernel for CM7, so it runs on 2.6.32. The .35 kernel has many advantages like better battery usage, new way of USB tethering etc. USB tethering is finally solved in CM7, but battery is a big issue. This leaked version has a very good battery usage compared to 2.2 and CM7.
  4. If ZTE releases GB for blade, it will stretch the sales lifecycle of Blade. Since it is a very successful phone which made ZTE the 4th (5th?) biggest smartphone manufacturer, it is a very logical step.
  5. MeeGo 1.2 from N9

    You know, people answer this questions with sarcasm because it was explained so many times that NO, IT IS NOT realistically possible.
  6. Sure, but a 600MHz ARM CPU will never be able to play flash correctly.
  7. Very similar, contains slightly newer binaries. And, of course, it is not rooted and doesn't contain SS tweaks and mods. I use it currently, hoping that KK will make an SS based on a B02 official Froyo.
  8. Functionally yes, but it SS way better in terms of battery usage. (Same as T-Mobile Hungary stock 2.2 for me).
  9. It is for GEN1, and upgrades phone to GEN2. If it is already GEN2, it won't install.
  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand: My Blade was in a bricked state so that it could boot only into recovery. I went to GEN1 with Windows method, then ran official updater and it now works fine.
  11. Okay, I didn't read enough, again. DFU recovery helped.
  12. Ok, I'm silly. So the steps: - Take an original Gen1 phone - Update to Gen2 using Windows updater method - Flash Swedish ROM (Everything is fine at this point) then - Flash the stock Finnish 2.2 (TFIN_P729BV1.0.0B03-update_signed.zip) It overwrites recovery and fastboot doesn't seem to recognise the phone. According to Finding Nemo's last sentence, "And now what?"
  13. Only gen2. Sonera kernel on my gen2 phone converted from gen1 makes phone part unstable (hangs up often during phone calls), and battery time is much worse (for me at last).
  14. Sure, then you don't want to sync with Outlook, but with Exchange, it is core feature of Android 2.x