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  1. TeaSea

    Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    Managed to grab an N4 16GB, barely. Glastonbury spirit got me through the server constantly screwing up on me. Looks like I was lucky as well...
  2. TeaSea

    13/08 1.0 - MoDaCo Hero Rosie Remover

    I figured this one out last night. If you get the apk of the launcher that you want (In my case, LauncherPro), then create a zip file with the following structure: data |- app |- LauncherPro.apk (Where this is just whatever the apk is called for you) Then upload that zip file into the kitchen using the select zip file thing, that'll push the launcher into the rom.
  3. So I tried baking an r5 rom without Rosie in, instead pushing in LauncherPro. A number of issues have arisen though, just wanted to know if anyone has had similar or can suggest any way of getting around/fixing it? 1: The RosieUtility service still starts up and promptly crashes on the system. This can be gotten around by just removing it using StartupManager, but what does it actually affect? 2: When trying to set the wallpaper/lock screen using Settings -> Appearance, I get a FC. I can get around the wallpaper issue fine by using something like Astro, which has a set as wallpaper option, but what about lock screen? Is there any way to fix the FCs that people know of? Cheers guys! Also, I totally searched the forums and found nothing so apologies if I missed something :angry:
  4. I'm totally put off the Nexus One because of the hardware issues I keep hearing about. Droid X would indeed be a good one to go for, but only if it'll have a Gingerbread upgrade. Check dis an ting: http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/30/android...-living-on-for/ Either way I reckon that my next phone'll have an SGX graphics chipset because I know someone who works on the drivers, hence I can bitch to him if they screw up :lol:
  5. The fact that the Magic is considered a development device is something I didn't know. If it's google releasing it not HTC then that nullifies my argument somewhat. Nevertheless, the whole thing with the Hero 2.1 update just made me rather jaded about HTC. That's why i'd like to look further afield. And are you insinuating that I am one of these people? If not, ok, if so, then frowny face! My main beef behind the delays on the 2.1 updates and why I would like to go for a manufacturer with a better update track record is two fold: 1: Not (necessarily) because of the toys such as live wallpapers, 3D gallerys, etc (Otherwise I would be raging about their lack of appearance in the Hero 2.1 release :lol:), but because Android is progressing so rapidly, there becomes a point where older releases are simply not privy to the scope of functionality available, and in one case functionality has actually been LOST due to new versions. I'm speaking of beebplayer which was, correct me if i'm wrong, pulled from the market because of a combination of Froyo having flash in and the BBC supposedly making an (so far unreleased) Android iPlayer app? Or the tl;dr version: You might not be able to get the apps you want. 2: Good old fashioned nerd envy! Two of the guys at work got Desires and the env-o-meter went through the roof! Especially when the boss looked at my Hero running 1.5 and was like "Yeah your phone's pretty much a pile of crap in comparison isn't it?" I guess we'll see more about track records come the end of the year when we discover whether HTC has delivered on their Froyo statements, and whether other companies start to plan to update their phones to Gingerbread.
  6. See below: HTC takes an additional six months on top of their initial release date to release an update for the Hero, and then scraps further updates in favour of devices both older AND newer? Not a company I particularly want to buy from if that's the case. Admittedly other companies have bad track records as well... and that's why i'm not buying from them either. Unless something amazing comes along by next January my next phone will probably be a Droid 2 or Droid X.
  7. To cut a long story short, this sort of shows why i'm not buying HTC again.
  8. TeaSea

    Cannot update to 2.1!

    It's you man, he was asking how to get back to stock in order to flash the 2.1 RUU. I just don't think he's aware of what that can mean... and neither is anyone else it seems...
  9. TeaSea

    Cannot update to 2.1!

    I may be wrong, but if you restore to 1.5 RUU and then apply the 2.1 update, won't that make you pretty much unable to flash custom roms? I thought people were having an incredibly hard time rooting the 2.1 update once applied to a device?
  10. TeaSea

    Upgrade due in July - What shall i do?

    'fraid not but i'd hazard a guess within the next two months? But whenever it is it'll be under a different name. Verizon has exclusive use of the "Droid" trademark for mobiles, so when they're released in this country it'll be under a different name. For example, the Droid is known as the Motorola Milestone in the UK.
  11. TeaSea

    Upgrade due in July - What shall i do?

    Yeah that's why I said "Devices with Froyo come out". In hindsight should have made that a bit clearer. The processor to go for at the moment i'd say is an ARM Cortex A8 used in the likes of the Droid, Droid X, Droid 2 and Samsung Galaxy S. That thing will FLY in comparison to Snapdragon chipsets. The Droid X will indeed come out with 2.1 but it seems like the Droid 2, which will have a smaller screen mind, has been delayed so it can be released with Froyo.
  12. TeaSea

    Upgrade due in July - What shall i do?

    Yes but wertyu wants an upgrade in the next month or two, not at the end of the year. I'll be looking for Gingerbread devices as my contract runs out in 2011.
  13. TeaSea

    Upgrade due in July - What shall i do?

    Galaxy S is available on Expansys now if you fancy paying £460 for it :lol: And of course it's going to be surpassed by other devices quickly, Android phone development and release is storming ahead at an unprecedented rate. The trick is to pick the best phone available to you. Once devices with Froyo come out, I think that's as good a point as any for an upgrade?
  14. TeaSea

    Upgrade due in July - What shall i do?

    My question is why stay with HTC? The best phone HTC has out in this country is the Desire, and whilst that is indeed a damn good phone it's still subject to HTC's arbitrary upgrade policy (ie: We'll release software upgrades if and when we deign to send them out) If you hold off for a month or two for releases and upgrades and the like you could get a Samsung Galaxy S or whatever they decide to release the Droid 2 or Droid X as. The Sense UI is good don't get me wrong but I wouldn't discount other manufacturers.
  15. TeaSea

    Android 2.1 Being Delivered to Sprint Phones

    Not a chance. They delayed this release for so long because they skipped 1.6 and went straight to 2.0, and now 2.1. If they delayed it to 2.2 then we'd be looking at September or October as a release date considering the speed the devs work at.