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  1. VintageVega is now Available :)

    This is brilliant! Forwarded it to XDA and Engadget! Very clever work.
  2. USB Host mode - Working Devices (a list)

    Got this Keysonic Ultra Mini Keyboard to work (ACK-340U+). The mouse and keyboard both work over the single USB connection. It doesn't mind being unplugged and plugged in again too - works perfectly every time.
  3. Just got my Vega for Christmas and...

    Just clean the screen and power off and on again.
  4. Angry birds with a mouse

    Uploaded a little video of Angry Birds on the Vega using a usb mouse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZhHr-Iet94...be_gdata_player
  5. Gingerbread Source released to AOSP

    Yup, great news. Let's get this party started.
  6. Compatible USB accessories

    Okay, so now we have a working USB host solution, would people like to post up what USB accessories they've managed to get working on the Vega? Maybe unusual things like Nintendo Wi-Fi USB dongle etc? External USB memory sticks and hard drives, keyboards, mice. Combination keyboards with built in trackpads..... I'm going to be trying some of the above when I get a chance. Wanted to split this out from the accessories thread as that seems to be concentrating on screen protector, cases and the like.
  7. USB-host mode enabled boot and system dump

    Perfect! Works a treat now. Just have to see what gadgets I can plug into it and have a fiddle.
  8. USB-host mode enabled boot and system dump

    Ahhh, I thought it was within ROM Manager. I'll go get it now and get this set up. Thanks
  9. Second blue LED in the bottom of the front bezel?

    So what is the other light for thats about 15mm left of the charging led?
  10. USB-host mode enabled boot and system dump

    where is the flash_image file?
  11. Second blue LED in the bottom of the front bezel?

    Bizarre, didn't know there was one there at all.
  12. new 1.07 rom(ux100)

    There was a key press combination somewhere on here which apparently switched modes.
  13. @boney01 - try cleaning the screen. I've got r4 and touch fix etc etc and just yesterday the screen starting playing up. I was raging and decided to try uninstall a few apps and reflash 1.04 and r4 again. Then I thought I better give the screen a little clean...BINGO! Touch working perfect again and no mistouch or multiple touches etc! Not sure why it's really just down the bottom of the screen that it's so sensitive but it just is. So, try cleaning that screen.
  14. 3D Interface - Working!

    Doesn't look like it's been implemented very well. Okay for a play around I suppose.
  15. Vega accessories

    Looks good but quite expensive. Wonder if it works fine with the screen protector. Might use a sausage instead :)