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  1. Lost tether

    Very reluctantly and with the dual aims of putting up my Xolo X900 for sale some time soon and GPS functionality now (which wasn't somehow working till date), I restored it to factory defaults and applied the last available patch via OTA. Fine, now Xolo tether via USB, BT and WiFi but without any net connectivity. I tried Google and alternate DNS but same result. It connects but no internet on Windows 8 Pro x64 host machine. I tried BlueDUN and PDANet+, both worked in BT mode while PDANet+ worked in USB tether but BT didn't work on PDANet sometime and restarting both host PC and Xolo somehow brought back BT on PDANet+. BlueDUN as name implies gave smooth DUN. They both somehow work in BT mode but WiFi seems totally disabled somewhere. So what is wrong or missing here? I have GPS issues but not ay tether issues on my rooted Xolo X900 before the final patch upgrade via OTA. Did Xolo blocked tether in the final patch? Or is it career specific? As the general opinion is that Xolo X900 cannot be re-rooted post that final patch upgrade, is there anything I can do?
  2. Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    I followed this to t as well as tried two different micro-SD cards, partitoned whole card as ext4, partioned ext4 as partion1 and then as partition2 yet I am not yet able to boot into ubuntu. It gives mounting erros and sucn and such directory not found etc... I guess it (script) is not creating the required directories/files correctly and with correct permissions or whatever it may be and secondly not being able to mount those required ones correctly on my Xolo.
  3. Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    Thanks, Zhiming Unzipped Lbuntu1204 contains: Lbuntu-s001.vmdk...to..Lbuntu-s021.vmdk (21 files), Lbuntu.vmdk, Lbuntu.vmsd, Lbuntu.vmx, nvram and readme.txt (one file each) Previously I confused that it was just required to put above 25 files on ubuntu partition.
  4. Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    Hi Zhiuming, I am following your guide and following is pasted from your guide " 5. Switch from Android to Ubuntu system: Run su rooted shell, and create a directory as mount point (here is /system/sd) for Ubuntu partition: mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /system busybox mkdir -m 777 /system/sd mount -o remount,ro /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /system Then you can use my startubuntu script to switch from Android to Ubuntu (I mount the first ext4 partition on microSD card here, please modify this script as you like): http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9r21dR7L I mount /mnt/sdcard directory in Android to /sdcard directory in Ubuntu, and mount /system directory in Android to /android/system directory in Ubuntu, so we can easily access data in Android from Ubuntu system " I, however have following confusion. (1) I installed Link2SD and then removed it. But this gave me permanent access to ext4 partition on my SD card which is mounted as /data/sdext2. I can read and write to that (second) ext4 partition on my SD card via any file manager which is almost 10GB and identified as mmcblk1p2. I do not need to mount it via any script as it gets mounted by default. In such scenario, (a) Do I still need to creat a seperate directory (such as /sdcard/sd) as mount point for ubuntu partition (as it always mounts at /data/sdext2 without any extra effort) or can I skip that step? (B) When your guide referes to ext4 partition on SD Card as ubuntu partition, what does that exactly mean? For me whole ext4 partition is mounted as /data/sdext2 and I can access it, so how does it diffrentiate w.r.t specific ubuntu partition ...? Does it mean that I still need a directory named 'ubuntu' on it, i.e. /data/sdext2/ubuntu? © Your guide referes to copy Lbuntu12.04 files to ubuntu partition, i.e. ext4 partition on SD Card (in my case it will be copied to /data/sdext2). While Lbuntu12.04 has multiple files with one Lbuntu.vmdk file, does it ean that your script directly mounts a VM Ware virtual image? I am confused here as Lbuntu12.04.vmdk is neither an .img file nor an .iso file. Without any real android compatible VM Ware virtual machine running, does the startubuntu script mounts Lbuntu.vmdk VM Ware virtual image? I am missing something here so more details are much appreciated. (d) Guide refers that other ubuntu distros/images/versions can also be used. If I put ubuntu12.04.img or ubuntu.iso file in the root of ext4 partition will startubuntu script still work? Do we still need to make an 'ubuntu' folder on ext4 partition (as whole partition is supposed to be an ubuntu partition) and than put files in that 'ubuntu' folder or do can we put all files directly into the root of ext4 partition on SD Card? (because it is by default an ubuntu ext4 partition) (e) Does it differentiate between desktop ubuntu distros (x86 and x64 ones..32bit and 64 bits) if I were to use them as image/iso files? Any help appreciated, please.
  5. OK, I was a bit confused as to it if it was going to boost the actual mobile reception signal by the way of very name of it and thought there was some kind of special technology or kernel modules being awakened to boost the reception in fringe areas, something like more powerful antenna!
  6. This app requires WiFi connection to function, can it work when you are not connected to any WiFi network or say you can creat any hotspot in remote area but if you do not internet connection to that WiFi network? and Will this signal booster app be useful for users outside UK?
  7. Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    I noticed some strange behaviour, when I connect a bluetooth mouse and as long as it is connected, I am not getting USB OTG Host disconnection problem, whether I use bluetooth mouse or not, but I keep it connected which keeps lapdock's keyboard-mouse-and powered USB hub connected. I modified a normal USB charger cable to make it USB OTG Host as I do not have Micro-USB Female to Normal USB (Type A) Female or Male adapter, I am using it via two connecors - first one is Micro-USB Female to Mini USB (Type B) Male which connects to the Micro-USB Male connector of the dock, second connector I use is Mini USB (Type-B) Female to Normal USB (TYpe A) Female and into this Normal USB (Type-A) USB Connector I connect USB Host cable from xolo. I am typing this using my modified USB Host Cable which has Micro-USB (Type-A) Male at one end which goes to Phone and it has Normal USB (Type-A) Male at other end which plugs into the two adapter set as described above. I also bought out Pin 5 (GND) and Pin 4 (ID) from the Micro-USB Male end (which connects to Xolo) and have shortened them for OTG Host mode and open them for charging. I tried to put 47K resistor between above Pin 4 & Pin 5 hoping Xolo to switch to Dock mode and do the OTG Host + Charging function simultaneously but it didn't work. In addition to above, I have not been able to use trackpad scrolling (horizontal and vertical scrolling) and multi-touch funcion to work so far, all works are single and double tapping and cursor movements. OK, I made an OTG-cum-Charger cable by installing a way to short and open Pin 4 (ID) and Pin 5 (GND) so I have two-in-one cable for now. I can also install any resistor between above pins and will try to use 39K and 47K ones to see if Xolo charges while in OTG host mode (which is most unlikely as it requires kernel support) However, I have got landscape mode locked as well as screen standby/ screendim so I am able to use dock for hours without recharging Xolo and in-between during pauses, I open Pin 4 & Pin 5 and Xolo charges off lapdock.
  8. Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    Hi Zhiming, I have Motorola LapDock 100 too and very intersetd in this topic if you can post some video, it would be great. Also I get frequent disconnects on LapDock while I connect Xolo to LapDock via USB OTG Host cable. It works but gets disconnected every minute and I keep recoonecting host cable to Xolo. What could be reason? I belive Micro-USB Male conenctor on LapDock is actually having 47K resistor between Pin 3 & 5 so it can charge Motorola Atrix 4G (original LapDock phone) as well as it has powerd USB hub. Somehow if we can connect this Micro-USB Male connector of the dock directly than it will put Xolo into chaging+USB OTG Host mode. May be but I am not sure. I am woring on doing some mode to achive above.
  9. I tried to do "insmod" xpad.ko (Galaxy S3), ff-memless.ko (TF101) and hid-logitech.ko (TF101) but were not accepted by Xolo (exec Format..). Any possibility we can obtain above files (compatible to) for Medfield (Xolo) so that X-Box 360 Wireless Game Controller will work with it?
  10. I rebooted and all of above apps including WirelessDisplay were gone from Xolo. I did adb push again but non of them get installed via adb push method this time and so I had to manually install each .apk by tapping it and let system install it. However this time WirelessDisplay did not install, neither by adb push nor by tapping the .apk Any clue about why these ones got removed automatically post reboot? Why WiDi is not reinstalling again?
  11. I did push WirelessDisplay.apk but I don't seem to have any option being added for that. Where do I find WiDi option ? Do I need to reboot post pushing above system apps? Thanks in advance. Or do I need to push all of them in order for those options to appear? EDIT: OK, except WirelessDisplay option other four are available. Where do I find WiDi? EDIT2: OK, I adb pushed it again and now got Wireless Display option. Thanks.
  12. I didn't get any I/O errors while reading from or writing to SSD. SSD always required to be externally powered to work even with PC and I used the same USB Y cable I use with powered hub/power pack to connect SSD to Xolo. It worked perfectly.
  13. Man you are just great! I have been long waiting for this USB OTG HOST stuff to work and wow, now finally thanks to genius guys I connected my OCX Vertex 4 SSD to XOLO and voila it worked... Kudos to Zhiming Zou ..... I now want to use X-Box Wireless Controller with Xolo! Any suggestion on how to charge and use OTG Host simultaneously?
  14. GPU fix so that I can play GTA3 and I got SD card mounted on the phone yet it doesn't show up when I connect phone to computer, it only shows internal storage..