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  1. We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    Cool Give Away! Random Fact: Created two Android applications but never deployed any of them to the market (weird enough). Current Phone: HTC One X Goodluck with the contest everyone!
  2. One X Root

    Just to let you know. I've rooted my Desire and my Sensation, had to sent my Desire back 2 times for repair and had to unroot it two times. They just repaired everything and sent it back to me without noticing anything about me having it rooted and unrooted again. So I think they can't detect if you had your phone rooted and unroot it again. When your hardware fails and you can't unroot it, then you might have a problem but I'm not sure what will happen then. In my opinion you can better root it without HTCDev so you might have a chance to unroot it and sent it back for repair, otherwise you'll lose your warranty anyway if you use HTCDev
  3. HTC One X Review

    A very interesting and detailed review, learned alot about the device reading it. I can't wait to get one!! I just had a question which I didn't read about in the review (or maybe I just missed it). On my current HTC Sensation there's a "physical" search button (bottom right), I just it alot, almost everytime I start an application I use to search button to start it. I know the Samsung Galaxy S II also has a search button if you long press one of the keys, is this also the case with the new HTC One X? can you long press a "physical" button to get the search menu up, and if that's true, which button?
  4. This is the day for R10 (10.10.2010)

    Lol I've just saw the title first thing in the morning (a day too late :) ) and it made me laugh ;p. Good one!
  5. Problems Sense and Titanium Backup

    Does anybody has an idea how to solve the restarting of my HTC Sense everytime I leave a program? It's starting to get really annoying having to wait everytime I do somenthing.
  6. Problems Sense and Titanium Backup

    Well You are right that already solved one problem! I would not ever think of it because I just installed a new rom but thanks alot! just made a batch update! now I'm going to figure out where it is stored on my SD Card so if I buy a new SD Card I can copy the backup to it. Hope someone has a solution for my other problem too!
  7. Problems Sense and Titanium Backup

    Heya all, I recently updated my HTC Desire to r8 Modacos Rom(Android 2.2) I've updated it with Rom Manager And ClockworkMod Recovery. Now I got several issues. When I start an application like HTC Messaging and I click on my home button it gives a white screen with Green letters HTC and then it is loading my HTC Sense (Like my mobile has just been rebooted). also when I enter my program menu it loads several applications (I think this means it loads the application on my SD Card Because I have A2SD+). So I was wondering why it always restarts my Sense and loads my applications from my SD Card even tho I did not connect it to my PC as a Disk Drive. My other Problem is with Titanium Backup. When I enter batch and want to backup all my applications it just goes back to my Titanium Backup screen and nothing happens. Hope someone can help me solve this problem. Thanks in Advance! //SterAllures
  8. Why do we need A2SD in Froyo

    Not 100% Sure, but there are applications that can't be saved to the SD Card even in Froyo. And I Think with A2SD+ the dalvik cache also gets transferred to the SD Card and in the normal Froyo this isn't the case. I myself use A2SD+ didn't have any problems yet. Hope I'm not giving you false information! But that's what I read/heard, Goodluck!
  9. Blink : Customize your LED alert

    I've been looking for such an app for a while. I've tried it but I can't get it to work on my Desire. Too bad, I hope there comes a version for Desire! Thanks for the heads up tho!
  10. Tapatalk for Modaco VOTE NOW!!

    How is it possible that someone says no :angry: who doesn't want it!!
  11. Desire Charging Light

    Hiya all, I've Recently Rooted My Desire And I've Now Installed Android 2.2 (Froyo) On It. Another Version Then Paul Because My Premium Account Didn't Kick In Yet And I Want A2SD+ And You Can Only Get That With An Online Kitchen. But Now My Question. When You Charge Your Desire You Can See A Green Or Orange Light In The Upper Right Corner Of Your Screen. And Sometimes It Blinks Purple And Blue, I Was Wondering If There Is An App To Control That Light Cause It Looks Really Cool In Purple And Blue :) . Thanks In Advance!! //SterAllures
  12. Thanks for this! would be great not having to use my mac :) since I still sometimes forget how to push the files xD and since the first mirror doesn't work anymore Thanks for the new mirror muataz! Just wanted to try it out to get the new Froyo update on my Desire!
  13. htc desire texting software

    There is a program called RemoteSMS. If you connect your phone to your home wireless network and you turn on the program you can go to a weblink and there you can text ppl and choose their number, try that out.
  14. HTC EVO Keyboard

    Is there a possibility that if I update it with the evo keyboard and I don't like it that I can flash back the old keyboard? Looks rly interesting and nice tho! Thanks for sharing!
  15. HTC Desire - Change system Font?

    No sorry, got my phone completely english ;p. It's just with some apps in my menu it shows a ? sign like in app protector pro it says: app protector...?? But I don't mind. Everything I need to read I can read. but thanks for the advice tho :(