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  1. Mr Mixalot

    Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    I really want this but I also love my Modaco'd Nexus 4, I can afford both handsets but cannot justify having 2 top phones, besides the wife will kill me no doubt, club me to death with her iPhone 4S Decisions......Decisions!!!!
  2. I too wonder why there was a big gap when I accessed the new Play store, look like targeted ads are in the pipeline IMO BTW JR11 rocks Paul Thanks for your efforts
  3. I did and all is now good Thanks :P
  4. Can I load the Clockword Mod Recovery via ROM manager or do I have to follow the instructions on the 1st page that Paul has kindly posted Thanks in advance
  5. Mr Mixalot

    19 Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    UPDATE Just ran Permaroot and all appear to have worked as checked with ternimal emulator Now just to install custom recovery image and away I go
  6. Mr Mixalot

    19 Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    Good Morning, installed r14 on my Desire HD and ran Temproot, appear to work okay (although not sure how to check) Is it advisable to now reboot (which will lose the root) and then run Permaroot to should I just run this option? I also have Rom Manager Premium (v2.5.0.7) installed so should I install Clockwork Mod Recovery through here or uses Pauls tutorial instead to install v r1 ClockworkMod Recovery for Desire HD Thanks in advance
  7. Mr Mixalot

    19 Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    Thanks for the update, only got my Desire HD today so will be rooting as soon as I get home
  8. :D Thanks Guys This saved me, installed a custom rom and it wouldn't boot but whenever I went to access Recovery I got the 'exclamation mark' screen This file has save me, restored from backup and all okay now Going to try and load the rom again Thanks again
  9. Good Morning a quick noob question I've got a goldcard image that I have created when I flashed my phone after I lost WiFi but when edit the file and save on to the Removable Disk (Micro SD) it tells me that my SD card is damaged Can I just get another Micro SD (I believe this is the culprit) and copy the image over or do I need to create a whole new image via my phone again Thanks in advane
  10. :) Upgraded to 1.21.405.2 and lost my Wi Fi on my debranded handset :) Took the step and created gold card to reflash back to latest WWE Generic Rom (which was surprisingly easy) :) I think I'll have a go at rooting with this excellent guide now Thanks to all contributors and Paul :)
  11. Mr Mixalot

    SMS unread count & Handcent

    I also use Handcent, brilliant little app