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  1. You can now buy Huawei / Honor quick chargers in the UK

    The auction photos make them look dodgy but I can confirm they are completely legitimate chargers. I bought mine on the 12th of September and paid the basic £1.99 postage. Arrived in the UK on the 18th and I received it on the 22nd of September. You can get free delivery but it had an ETA of a month and I didn't want to wait that long!
  2. How to update your Honor 7 to Marshmallow

    B170 - B180 update has been uploaded.
  3. Shouldn't be any issues with the OTA updates but please don't apply them to a device that has been rooted, unrooted or even had custom recovery installed. Revert to a pure stock ROM then update one after the other. Added MD5 checksums to the files. Check with an app like hashtab
  4. Honor 7 Marshmallow feedback thread

    Thank you. This looks to be a widespread issue which Honor are now aware about.
  5. I have been informed that installing the Marshmallow BETA updates on devices that haven't officially joined the beta will prevent you from obtaining future updates unless they are also leaked. As some users have also bricked their devices by not following instructions we have removed the links to the updates from the forum. Files can still be obtained from other forums and used at your own risk.
  6. Was your device rooted or did you have custom recovery installed? Does Volume Up + POWER take you into recovery?
  7. It's possible but not recommended. Why do you want to downgrade?
  8. Hi guys! If you are running the Marshmallow BETA updates on your Honor 7 then please report any bugs, general issues and suggestions in this thread so they can be passed on to the Honor team. If we can work together to find and report bugs then we can help make the Android 6 update a great update!
  9. Presenting the launch of the Honor 7 Android M Beta Test for Western Europe Users in Germany please visit this link on Facebook Users in the Netherlands please use this form Users in the UK please read this forum thread Users in France please keep an eye on Frandroid.com All other Western Europe users please use the following form: Test only available for Honor 7 owners in Europe with an EU device. Imported devices are not included in this current beta test
  10. Presenting the launch of the Honor 7 Android M Beta Test! Click the image above to register your interest or complete the form in the post below. Test only available for Honor 7 owners in the UK with a UK spec device. Imported devices are not included in this current beta test 1. This Beta test version is a limited test version of Honor 7 of Android 6.0 and EMUI 4 2. Beta tester is a voluntary participation. We may collect certain information to statistics and analysis, such information including the name of device, device identification numbers (IMEI ,build number) ,and we will process such information for purposes only of notifying the participants about system or application update. 3. Because this is internal test, the Beta test version may not be stable. The Beta tester registered may feedback the problems by the special Email [email protected], we may communicate with the Beta tester regarding the production of issue on the phone. Your IMEI number can be found when you dial ‘*#06#’, build number can be found in settings->about phone”. Do you fully understand what you are signing up for? Tick below if you do.
  11. If you are having problems using the B100 to B121 update then it could be that your device has been modified. The best thing would be to use the full B121 ROM but please be aware that this will wipe your device. Once you have B121 then you can update to B130, then B140. The B100 to B121 update is for an EU device so if you obtained the device elsewhere then the OS may have some slight differences which the update doesn't like, so I would recommend flashing the full ROM image instead.
  12. Is There Any Custom ROM Available For Huawei Honor 7?

    We just need Honor to be nice and share the Lollipop kernel source please ;)
  13. Updated the first post with B130 and B140 OTA updates. You need to install previous versions first before updating to the latest version B140.
  14. Full ROMs contain full installation instructions OTA updates can be installed by creating a directory on your SD Card or Internal Storage named 'dload' and copying update.zip into this directory. Open Settings > Update > Menu > Local update