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  1. We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    Most memorable drive? Being on vacation in Greece where you can't read any signs, signing op for a jeepsafari, and then finding out you have to drive yourself. On roads and off road. Received a very outdated gps (hasn't been updated for 6 years) and having to be back at the end of the day. Second most memorable drive was to Antwerp, with almost all roads to the hotel closed due to construction and ending up in the middle of a shopping street... Also not a good day for a couple of students in a 15 year old car ;) In the mountains there is no cell reception, so Google maps is of no use, you can't read any signs, you don't speak any grece and the general population of small villages don't speak English. We managed to be back only 15 minutes late after one hell of a day :P
  2. Just to give some input on errors and such, here are the problems i encounter after flashing a custom cooked rom: -Remaining memory is >80mb (should be fixed in r2 due to moving of dalvik-cache) -Market is VERY slow and after installing the 'Downloads'-list in the market still keeps the installed programs on top of the list like it is installing at that exact moment and won't revert back to normal until reboot (programs can be started as usual and the notification says the program is installed) -The sync-icon on top next to the clock won't go away like it's syncing constantly paul: keep up the good work and really looking forward to r2 :P