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  1. Is this rom rooted? if not how can i do this? one more question what are the different keys for volume up volume down phone power cube camera and the other keys Thanks for your answers in advance.
  2. this rom as well as the other cm-Roms for our device are pretty well (better let me say fantastic. thats what i mean) for me this one is the best in battery drain and in getting a gpsfix so i prefere this one most (tried the cm10.2 and 11 by dazoo who does great work). but is it possible to compile openpdroid support in this rom and maybe have pdroid manager and droidwall build in? thanks for your answer in advance
  3. hello all you here, a (hope not silly) question. may i flash this rom with twpr? Thanks for your answers in advance.
  4. 3h 18 min and 0% akku loss. wlan is working best values ever.
  5. Hey man that was a good hint. Thanks a lot.
  6. I noticed that since the Version 6.1 Huawei Y300-0100 [b196] i can't install anny apps when i am trying it to do it from a desktop computer. Bevore i could log in to my desktop "web-PlayStore" and install some apps from there. Now i just can'tdo this.
  7. on the link Pak0777 describes his minimod Camera applet & driver is this programm usable for a GT-I8000? I have tried to install the cab as well as copying the files to the windows folder. Both times starting the application results in something like the application is not trusted and there is no korreck zertifikate installed. Excuse me that I dont have the exact words but the error message is in german. May anyone help me?
  8. Thanks for this offer but im not that firm in compiling. so this is no way for me. It would be nice if there is iptable-support by a kernel that is in a updatepackage. I hope this will be soon.
  9. Hi that sounds very interesting. Is there a way to get the kernel and the modules? Or may these changes be applyed to the cyanogen-mod? And are they compiled for omnia2 gt-i8000?
  10. Sorry that i ask again. in a former post of this thread i mentioned, that i have a problem with the cisco vpn-client. when i start it i get a error message like " make sure the iptablesprogramm is executable" is there anyone, who can help me mith this problem? or is there anyone who can give me a hint how to establish a vpn-connection?
  11. hi togehter, first of all many thanks for all the work you developers do. most things work fine only a few things i discovered till now. 1.) when i use cisco any connect client rootet (that one from the market) i get a message that no tap device is installen. what can i do here? 2.) when i try to create a account mith the microsoft settings i have the problem to save my settings. when i am connectet to a internetconnection wifi or g3-data i only am able to type in my email and my password but i have no chance to correct any other setting when i am not connectet i can type in the other information (username and mailserveradress but i cant save these settings. Any helping advice? Thanks for your help in advance
  12. hello together, I want to use cisco any-connect client from the app market. When i start it i get a error message that the programm "iptables" isn't executable. Can anyone help me with this problem? The other problem that schold be solved is that my time is allways one hour in the past. thanks for your help
  13. Please help me wher do i type this code. I have a omnia without a sim-card and i dont see a place where to type this. Thanks in Advance