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  1. HTC's One X Jelly Bean rollout plans detailed

    Will this update include Sense 4.5 alongside Jelly Bean?
  2. Would you buy a machined tripod mount for your One X?

    There is also the sligshot by http://woxom.net/
  3. Win an Asus / Google Nexus 7 with Amzer and MoDaCo

    Maybe this time around....
  4. Just now, another firmware update have appeared on my TF101 US version device. lets see what happens once it is installed...
  5. Its currently updating. I hope that it will solve many of the weird behavior scenarios happening since the upgrade to ICS.
  6. I have bought this case. Its cheap and fits nicely. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/protective-pu-leather-case-for-asus-eee-pad-transformer-tf101-black-73620
  7. ICS is indeed out there. Just got my TF101 update as well. !!
  8. looking for a vega or clone in Hong Kong

    Thank you for the detailed information. I have actually been to these places today. All of them have the archos 101 or crappy old "ipad-like" copies in 7 to 10 inch resistive screens, slow processors or low on memory. One place had a viewsonic 10 box displayed but none in inventory... It is somewhat strange that these vega clones are not more common here I hope that an additional post will reveal more info, otherwise i will have to wait until my next uk or us visit, whenever that will be. Thanks again!
  9. looking for a vega or clone in Hong Kong

    Thanks again. I really appreciate your input. I would, however, like to hear from some local to hong kong - to know where to go in order to purchase one. Until now, i have not seen any of the brands mentioned above.
  10. looking for a vega or clone in Hong Kong

    Thanks for the input. Where do you think i can find them (store address) as i have a short time here and i am unfamiliar with the city.
  11. Hi, i have about 36 hours in hong kong as of now. I would appreciate if someone can direct me to a shop that has the vega or one of its clones for sale. I could not find anything similar by myslef (other than the archos 101, which i dont want). Thanks!
  12. Hi, When visiting Berlin in September I had the same thing happening to my Desire. These numbers appeared every few hours, not constantly. Maybe its a roaming related thing along with a specific carrier.... It was very annoying
  13. Looks like there is a new model number: P10AN02. I wonder if something is different under the covers... http://www.engadget.com/photos/viewsonic-v...nds-on/#3764573
  14. A Vega clone in CES

    Hi, Apparently, Shuttle has revealed its new tablet in CES. Looks like another Vega twin/clone. http://www.netbooknews.com/17685/shuttle-p...ablet-hands-on/