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  1. matmbl

    Hands on with the Mu folding USB plug

    I've got the lindy device (black one with the folding red earth pin) which is also 2.1amp output. Works really well. If you travel *allot* then little things like this make a big different. Packing a working week of cloths and tech into a wheeled laptop case (tumi things) or travelling a full day trip (5am until midnight) carrying only a small satchel with tablet & 10Ah external battery. If you travel every week by air/train to different & multiple places this stuff makes a difference.
  2. Hmmm... I would have tried that if I backed up the original rom (doh!). Managed to figure it out now. Just needed to flash a the update.app (see http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/check-and-update-your-baseband/ trouble shooting) and retry. I'm seriously impressed by this device, for the cash (£80 practically new on ebay) it's an absolute steal!
  3. doh, I've broken it (upgrading from GB to ICS) rooting worked ok, installed CWM file also. Tried to upgrade via dload route and also the CWM route and I think I've bricked it!!!! I've tried installing the official ICS via the official install route (Vol Up/Down + power) with the 600mb file in dload directory and it fails on the second part (1/2 seems to work, 2/2 fails immediately). Restarting just has the device sitting there!!!! Please help! Matt BTW. I did backup the IMEI
  4. My bad, the HTC RUU update the bloader & version to .80 & 1.21 therefore I need to use the alt R6 flashing process. Do wonder the standard r6 process wasn't working for me!!! now downloading the 256Mb of alt process (I'm using the R5 desire root as the r6 alt is vslow download). thanks again!
  5. Maybe I'm being a little stupid here but I'm trying to flash an online kitchen rom (r5 froyo+sense) via the custom restore that the r6 root process installed (enter recovery mode then vol-up + power, select update.zip) and I'm getting a "signature verification failed" error.. Have I missed something ??? Matt
  6. Hi All, I've been running a rooted desire for a while but a couple of weeks back I restored it to a factory standard. Looking to put one of the Froyo + sense images on I'm trying to re-root the desire and I've tried with revoked3. Problem is, revoked hasn't work and not I can't boot into recovery mode (volume down + power, select recovery), it just returns directly to the book loader. I've tried to reinstall revoked but it isn't having it (the phone just boots up normally when the revoked app is say "dont touch the phone"). Some help would be useful here, should I re-flash the factory again or follow the r6 rooting process. I was really hoping revoked3 would work so I can do a full backup before installing froyo. EDIT1: Just tried to run the r6 root process, that doesn't work (selecting the recovery option in the bootloader just returns directly to the bootloader screen!). Gonna try a HTC stock re-flash.... EDIT2: Just finished re-flashing with the HTC RUU (thank's Darren). That seems to have done the trick but revoked3 still doesn't install!!! Will now try to flash r6 root process to get froyo+sense installed! Cheers Matt
  7. Hi All, I'm a little new to Android (being a long suffering WinMo users) and love the OS except for one little issue (which I can't find reference for any where!), the issue is: When I receive meeting requests into my mailbox (via activesync) there's no way of previewing them in my calendar! With the latest versions of WinMo any new meeting requests in my inbox would also exist in my calendar so I could easily see if I can accept or decline the meeting. With my desire, it seems I have to accept, look in my calendar then send a decline if it's not right! Please, any help would be most appreciated, am I missing something (configuration of app that will help!?) Also, on the subject of calendar, does anyone know of a way to enter or view appointment timezones? Unfortunately I'm a big traveler so I arranging/receiving meetings in other timezones is very common! Cheers Matt -- HTC Desire Rooted & APP2SD'd
  8. I had a bit of a nightmare doing this last night, mainly as I'm a complete android noob (but I've been flashing WinMo for years). But finally did it it so maybe useful to add some "debug" information to the guide. I rooted using Windows 7 (32bit): suggestions are - While in bootloader first time around windows should have "Android 1.0" driver operational in device manager, only then you can run step1. - To get this driver, install the Android SDK, plug phone in (while in bootloader) and install driver from the usb_driver directory in the SDK - After step1 is complete, select the "recovery" option and the device will change to a black screen with a picture of phone (with an ! mark next to it). - At this stage windows should recognise the device as an "Android Composite ADB device". Mine had a "ADB!" device unrecognised, I had to update driver via the select from list / have disk method and force the "Android Composite ADB device" option. - Once you have a working ADB device, you can run step2 Finally - to wipe device, flash update (green menu) you need to use the optical mouse. Interestingly as I only got my desire hours before I rooted it I didn't actually know the optical mouse was also a button (press the button to select the menu option) Hope this helps! Cheers Matt