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  1. Janzomaster added a post in a topic Please delete my account   

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  2. Janzomaster added a topic in Website   

    Please delete my account

    please delete my forum account.

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  3. Janzomaster added a post in a topic sense reboot in modaco r5   

    I've got the same issues - makes using the phone rather tiresome. Teknologist Kernel and Autokiller didnt change a thing. Will try the format thing when I've got time and report back the results.
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  4. Janzomaster added a post in a topic Enlarging App2sd partition   

    Again, thanks for the help!

    Wiping the dalvik-cache didnt help - still almost full data-partition. Is it possible to add dalvik2sd to my phone without the kitchen?

    Furthermore, is there a tool to check how much of each partition of my sd-card is used? I believe my a2sd setup might not be working - after uninstalling a few apps, the used space on /data was reduced (142,2/165,8). Doesn't that mean that /data is still used for my apps?

    /edit: I flash dalvik2sd from the villain rom forums and now /data is only 45% full! Woohoo! Thanks for your help and pointing me in the right direction :(
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  5. Janzomaster added a post in a topic Enlarging App2sd partition   

    First of all, thank you for you reply!

    Yeah, I found that rather implausibel as well. The reason I started this topic is, that my phone tells me it is low on memory and I cannot install apps anymore. That is why I was wondering if the app-partition was full.

    Anyway, here are the results of the query:
    /system: 145,7/170,0 MB = 86 %
    /data: 151,3/165,8B = 91%

    Now what to read off the values?

    My guess:
    First, the internal system memory seems to be 86% filled - which is close to full. What are my possibilites here?
    Second, data is 91% full, and the size of that partition is 165,8 MB - I thought the data-partition would be what is moved to the sd-card by a2sd. Am I wrong there? What other than the apps is stored here?
    Third, and these are pretty wild guesses, would it be possible to make the space used by /data available to /system and move /data to the sd-card, as it should be?

    And one more thing: is it possible navigate through the files system linux/dos-style (cd/ls etc)?

    /edit: Just went to the MCR 5 release topic to check which app-to-sdcard version comes with it - now I read "Optional A2SD and A2SD+ (old style) via the online kitchen". Does that mean without the kitchen A2SD is not included in the release? I used the release with additions, as I thought this would have a2sd included.
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  6. Janzomaster added a post in a topic Android 2.1 - Teknologist kernel with tun.ko, ext4, cifs, netfilter and compache ramzswap for GSM Hero   

    I'm reading a lot about some effect of compcache on the performance of heros using a2sd - can someone explain that to me? Also what benefit ext4 would bring?
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  7. Janzomaster added a post in a topic Enlarging App2sd partition   

    Ok, I just found out that my app-partition is 1gb big - can this really be full? Seems a bit implausible... Still don't know how to display the used disk space on that partition - any hints?
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  8. Janzomaster added a topic in HTC Hero - Hero.MoDaCo.com   

    Enlarging App2sd partition
    Hi, I'm running low an disk space with my app2sd MCR5 setup and am wondering if there is a way to enlarge the app-partition without wiping the phone?

    Also, I'm rather surprised that I'm actually low on disk space, so I was wondering how I could look up the size of the app-partition and test the correct setup of it? Maybe something went wrong and it's actually the real phone memory that's running low, not the app-partition.

    Thanks a lot in advance
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  9. Janzomaster added a post in a topic VillainROM 6.2.0 to Modaco 2.1 image   

    Thanks for the advice. I flashed the WP - everything seems to be working fine :lol:
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  10. Janzomaster added a topic in HTC Hero - Hero.MoDaCo.com   

    VillainROM 6.2.0 to Modaco 2.1 image

    I'm currently using VillainROM 6.2.0 on my german Hero. I suffer from permanent lagging and issues with the mobile internet connection. Thus, I want back a stable version!

    Now, I wonder which version I should flash on my Hero. I guess, sometime in the future, I will be using a Modaco ROM based on the official GSM ROM for Europe.

    Until then, should I use the Modaco WIP release or the offical Taiwan ROM? I would rather put off wiping my phone till the modaco 4 version is finished, can I flash the WIP over my VillainROM without wiping? Will all my apps still be there thanks to a2sd?

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  11. Janzomaster added a post in a topic 10/Mar 3.2 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for GSM Hero (now with online kitchen)   

    Thanks, this fixed it (after manually installing busyboy in titaniumbackup) and now I have a working google maps :)

    @DrDre: Thanks for the command to remove "wifi-status"
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  12. Janzomaster added a post in a topic 10/Mar 3.2 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for GSM Hero (now with online kitchen)   

    Hi, could you give me the adb-commando for removing the wifi-status app?

    And another thing: The Google Maps app crashes everytime I submit a search. I hoped the update from 3.1 to 3.2 would solve this, but it didn't. Is this a known bug and does perhaps even a workaround exist?

    Keep up the good work!
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