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    Please delete my account

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    Please delete my account

    Hi, please delete my forum account. Thanks
  3. Janzomaster

    sense reboot in modaco r5

    I've got the same issues - makes using the phone rather tiresome. Teknologist Kernel and Autokiller didnt change a thing. Will try the format thing when I've got time and report back the results.
  4. Janzomaster

    Enlarging App2sd partition

    Again, thanks for the help! Wiping the dalvik-cache didnt help - still almost full data-partition. Is it possible to add dalvik2sd to my phone without the kitchen? Furthermore, is there a tool to check how much of each partition of my sd-card is used? I believe my a2sd setup might not be working - after uninstalling a few apps, the used space on /data was reduced (142,2/165,8). Doesn't that mean that /data is still used for my apps? /edit: I flash dalvik2sd from the villain rom forums and now /data is only 45% full! Woohoo! Thanks for your help and pointing me in the right direction :(
  5. Janzomaster

    Enlarging App2sd partition

    First of all, thank you for you reply! Yeah, I found that rather implausibel as well. The reason I started this topic is, that my phone tells me it is low on memory and I cannot install apps anymore. That is why I was wondering if the app-partition was full. Anyway, here are the results of the query: /system: 145,7/170,0 MB = 86 % /data: 151,3/165,8B = 91% Now what to read off the values? My guess: First, the internal system memory seems to be 86% filled - which is close to full. What are my possibilites here? Second, data is 91% full, and the size of that partition is 165,8 MB - I thought the data-partition would be what is moved to the sd-card by a2sd. Am I wrong there? What other than the apps is stored here? Third, and these are pretty wild guesses, would it be possible to make the space used by /data available to /system and move /data to the sd-card, as it should be? And one more thing: is it possible navigate through the files system linux/dos-style (cd/ls etc)? /edit: Just went to the MCR 5 release topic to check which app-to-sdcard version comes with it - now I read "Optional A2SD and A2SD+ (old style) via the online kitchen". Does that mean without the kitchen A2SD is not included in the release? I used the release with additions, as I thought this would have a2sd included.
  6. I'm reading a lot about some effect of compcache on the performance of heros using a2sd - can someone explain that to me? Also what benefit ext4 would bring?
  7. Janzomaster

    Enlarging App2sd partition

    Ok, I just found out that my app-partition is 1gb big - can this really be full? Seems a bit implausible... Still don't know how to display the used disk space on that partition - any hints?
  8. Janzomaster

    Enlarging App2sd partition

    Hi, I'm running low an disk space with my app2sd MCR5 setup and am wondering if there is a way to enlarge the app-partition without wiping the phone? Also, I'm rather surprised that I'm actually low on disk space, so I was wondering how I could look up the size of the app-partition and test the correct setup of it? Maybe something went wrong and it's actually the real phone memory that's running low, not the app-partition. Thanks a lot in advance
  9. Janzomaster

    VillainROM 6.2.0 to Modaco 2.1 image

    Thanks for the advice. I flashed the WP - everything seems to be working fine :lol:
  10. Janzomaster

    VillainROM 6.2.0 to Modaco 2.1 image

    Hi, I'm currently using VillainROM 6.2.0 on my german Hero. I suffer from permanent lagging and issues with the mobile internet connection. Thus, I want back a stable version! Now, I wonder which version I should flash on my Hero. I guess, sometime in the future, I will be using a Modaco ROM based on the official GSM ROM for Europe. Until then, should I use the Modaco WIP release or the offical Taiwan ROM? I would rather put off wiping my phone till the modaco 4 version is finished, can I flash the WIP over my VillainROM without wiping? Will all my apps still be there thanks to a2sd? Thanks
  11. Thanks, this fixed it (after manually installing busyboy in titaniumbackup) and now I have a working google maps :) @DrDre: Thanks for the command to remove "wifi-status"
  12. Hi, could you give me the adb-commando for removing the wifi-status app? And another thing: The Google Maps app crashes everytime I submit a search. I hoped the update from 3.1 to 3.2 would solve this, but it didn't. Is this a known bug and does perhaps even a workaround exist? Keep up the good work!