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  1. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][GB-B895] GBXTREME ROM - ✰29032014✰ (MULTIBASEBAND)   

    Don't use Clean Master and such (especially with low RAM phones) . It eats more RAM then it saves. Also try to kill your apps which is try to restarting itself, which is drain battery. If you want to freeze some app from memory, use Greenify.
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  2. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1 [Y300/G510] [04/06/2015]   

    RAM is not the only thing.
    ZTE Open C uses a different, newer SoC.
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  3. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] F-AOSP [Y300/G510] [16/05/2015]   

    Here is the link: https://www.paypal.com/it/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YRPTQZ9JAWRQE
    It would be better if it was in English instead of Italian, but the form is straightforward, so it is OK.
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  4. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] F-AOSP [Y300/G510] [16/05/2015]   

    Use the huge PayPal Donate button in his signature. :)
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  5. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] F-AOSP [Y300/G510] [16/05/2015]   

    Yep, Y300 has a display with 245DPI while the G500 has a bigger screen with the same resolution so it is 218 DPI.
    But because the android resources is made for 240 DPI you get a pixel perfect images with this setting.
    If you change your DPI to a non standard one, the image is scaled properly, but you will not get as crisp images as you can get with the 240 DPI settings.
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  6. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1 [Y300/G510] [04/06/2015]   

    Nice, what is the difference between F-AOSP and AOSP? I would be very happy with a working AOSP 5.1.1.
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  7. rhen added a post in a topic GApps for CM11 (last updated: 2015-03-13)   

    Guys, I think this is the point when I leave this thing alone.
    Seems like the G300 development is dead and PA Gapps is dead too.
    I use a G510 now, but have many issues with it. Especially the small storage and RAM.
    I plan to switch phone again but this time one step above this class of phones.
    Thank you all for this forum. It was fun. :)
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  8. rhen added a post in a topic WhatsApp calls problem on CM11 [Dazzozo] ROM !?   

    As I remember, CM11 has had problems with VOIP calls in many apps.
    This is a known bug.
    I think you can't solve this and making a logcat is pretty much futile.
    No one is working on any ROM for G300.
    Dazzozo is almost entirely out of businesses.
    He mostly working on Nintendo 3DS now.
    Off: Chil360 and Fonz93 still keep working on the CM12.1/SlimLP for Y300 and G510, but they run into problems that seems too deep / in the binary blobs to short it out.
    I think the android 5.x will never be fully featured ROM for these phones.
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  9. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1 [Y300/G510] [04/06/2015]   

    This is in the gapps package. It is the GoogleLoginService.apk.
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  10. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1 [Y300/G510] [04/06/2015]   

    You can use alternative software stores to simplify the app finding and installation and to keep it updated.
    I would miss my purchased apps without Play Store.
    But Play Store work without Play Services (just tested on stock) so I'll probably use a minimal gapps, with Play Services freezed.
    Edit: Calendar, Google Keep, Gmail and Google My Tracks sync doesn't work without Play Services.
    Google Keep, Gmail and My Track simply doesn't start without it. Need to find alternative for these.
    Seems like Contacts and Bookmarks sync works. (also tested on stock)
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  11. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1 [Y300/G510] [04/06/2015]   

    GPS will work, but approximately location don't. I tested it on my G300 about 8 months ago on CM11.
    But I'm not sure about the notification and synchronization.
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  12. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1 [Y300/G510] [04/06/2015]   

    So no need of GCM to receive push notification from Messenger, Viber etc?
    If I install a minimal gapps except the Play Services (which takes the most resources) the google sync would work? (Contacts, calendar etc.)
    There is a GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk and GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk in the gapps package.
    These should be enough?
    Basically my idea is install a gapps package then delete the play services. (or maybe do a customized version of the package)
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  13. rhen added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.3 [30/07/15]   

    Check his github on https://github.com/SlimLP-Y300
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  14. rhen added a post in a topic GApps for CM11 (last updated: 2015-03-13)   

    Kira only released updated version for LP so far, but I'll check it later if he update the KK too.
    Your second link contains the same version of GApps what I uploaded to my storage. I don't know if it ever will be updated.
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  15. rhen added a post in a topic [Tutorial] How to [OFFICIALLY] Unlock The Bootloader [With Definitions] [RELOCK Guide Included!]   

    I had such a problem when I unlock my G510. Also a Win 8.1 64bit, but I had HiSuite installed.
    The DC Unlocker site says that you should remove previously installed ADB drivers etc.
    If you have HiSuite installed, HiSuite drivers me interference with the driver you installed from DC unlocker website.
    I can't manage to successfully remove these drivers so made the unlocking on a Windows 7 machine that hasn't had any installed android driver before.
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