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  1. rowanparker

    LG G3 Launch Event - our impressions

    So, a bigger screen but same sized battery?
  2. rowanparker

    Nook Simple Touch reduced to £29

    http://www.johnlewis...ader/p231759496 I couldn't use Nook's own site as I don't have a credit card and everywhere else seems to have sold out!
  3. I am very sorry for bumping a a year old thread. But, I have the same problem and there doesn't seem to be much else I can find on google. I have a Galaxy Nexus (previously a Desire) and the one friend it happens with has an iPhone of some description. We are both on Orange (is the only link I can think of). It can go months without happening but it's happened twice in a week now. Did you ever get anywhere with it?
  4. I would just like to thank the OP for this code. I thought they were all for new Tesco customers but I'm glad this one isn't! Cancelled my hmv pre-order and collecting the Tesco one tomorrow! (And, refusing delivery of my cancelled Google Play one today!)
  5. rowanparker

    Restoring [just] stock recovery

    Thanks, but this seems to be for S-OFF only which I'm not so nevermind. Cheers anyway.
  6. rowanparker

    Restoring [just] stock recovery

    Ah perfect, thank you!
  7. rowanparker

    Restoring [just] stock recovery

    Well, if I need to return the phone for whatever reason. I'd need stock recovery. Now if an OTA update flashes stock recovery then I'm fine. It's because I'm on orange and there's no RUU (only some guy's nandroid backup and the OTA update to unroot).
  8. rowanparker

    Restoring [just] stock recovery

    Hello, I had originally rooted using the r4 method ages ago. My phone had started being odd so I RUU'd, let orange do its upgrade (proper orange radio which now seems a lot better). Rooted again using unrevoked. Everything went fine. Just one little niggle, I would prefer to have stock recovery (I can still use clockwork by the update.zip) if I ever needed to return the phone (I know a RUU will put stock recovery back on but I would rather send it back with an orange rom on which I can do providing I am rooted first). So essentially, I want stock recovery (unless that orange's OTA update would flash recovery?). I've tried using erase_image and flash_image both of which fail. I keep reading about fastboot but I can't find any way to use it (not in the sdk-tools folder?). I also don't know if I'm trying with a proper recovery image. I'm using one I got from an old nandroid backup, would this work? If not, anyone have a stock recovery image? I'm sorry if this made no sense whatsoever, I'm not very good at explaining things sometimes :P Thank you very much, Rowan.
  9. Personally, I find the speakers to be loud enough when its a ringtone. The main problem I have as the in-call volume, its just not loud enough. You can't just put it speaker because the speakers on the back so not really possible. Any fax for the in-call volume? Or is it only me with this moan?
  10. rowanparker

    Orange 2.2 ROM finally available

    Well I only provided the link as somebody said it was if i had an orange cid (which i do). I don't know if its the right update or not, I've no idea (i'm running mcr r8, don't wanna try). Edit: Got link wrong before: http://liveimage.htc.com/OTA_Bravo_Froyo_O...pl5ki68q0eg.zip
  11. rowanparker

    Orange 2.2 ROM finally available

    http://liveimage.htc.com/OTA_Bravo_Froyo_O...pl5ki68q0eg.zip That it? Edit Changed link.
  12. rowanparker

    Orange 2.2 ROM finally available

    Now this is out (if it is) does that mean orange users will be able to make their phone look like it's still on orange or do you need something else in order to do that?
  13. rowanparker

    Google maps won't install

    Fix here: http://android.modaco.com/index.php?s=&amp...t&p=1401037
  14. rowanparker

    Unable to update google maps on R8!

    Worked perfectly, thank you!
  15. Hello all, On Eclair (MCR r3.1) I used to edit framework-res.apk by pulling it using adb, unzipping, changing some graphics, zipping back up and pushing it back. It used to work completely fine. I tried doing this on Froyo (MCR r7 to be precise) and it just stops sense loading and just forces the phone to reboot. I thought I'd maybe copied a bad image or something so I tried to push the original back and it still wouldn't start sense. Luckily, I had nandroided before I started so could just restore but was still a bit miffed. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Rowan.