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  1. Unfortunatly for me tweek dosn't work (CM10.2): Before: After:
  2. looks like copy of xiaomi red rice
  3. smoothes ROM so far. but one little problem: installing app from play.google.com does not work until i open Play Store App on phone
  4. sorry didnt read carefully thanks dazzozo for great work
  5. Excelent work, ROM is lightning fast Updated over the air from CM10 R5 i think. I have one error: Google Docs Syncronisation error Runtime Exception I reupdate gapps but still have this error I reinstal Google Drive and now everithing works perfect missing in settings
  6. on R1 and R2 i did not have that problem, and now on R4 i can not take screenshot because problem with storage but in file manager everything is ok
  7. After few days i notice two things: 1. Strange automatic unmounting sd card problem 2. Can not play youtube video with youtube app
  8. So far so good, thanks Dazzozo, excelent work!
  9. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrummy.apps.build.prop.editor Build prop editor, install, open, allow root, and find and edit what you need
  10. Processor does not suport 720p recording. I think for that would be writen new drivers.
  11. Hi, i have strange problem with instaling apps on CM10 R2. I have free space on phone but cannot install any app. Screenshots:
  12. Strange problem with text on R5
  13. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/HUAWEI-HUAWEI-Ascend-G330C-C8825D-3-g-mobile-phone-dark-brown-CDMA2000-GSM-dual-mode-dual/700232682.html only 119$
  14. Does somebodey have stock ICS B935 (dload)? (Croatia bonbon)