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  1. Unfortunatly for me tweek dosn't work (CM10.2): Before: After:
  2. looks like copy of xiaomi red rice
  3. smoothes ROM so far. but one little problem: installing app from does not work until i open Play Store App on phone
  4. sorry didnt read carefully thanks dazzozo for great work
  5. Excelent work, ROM is lightning fast Updated over the air from CM10 R5 i think. I have one error: Google Docs Syncronisation error Runtime Exception I reupdate gapps but still have this error I reinstal Google Drive and now everithing works perfect missing in settings
  6. on R1 and R2 i did not have that problem, and now on R4 i can not take screenshot because problem with storage but in file manager everything is ok
  7. After few days i notice two things: 1. Strange automatic unmounting sd card problem 2. Can not play youtube video with youtube app
  8. So far so good, thanks Dazzozo, excelent work!
  9. Build prop editor, install, open, allow root, and find and edit what you need
  10. Processor does not suport 720p recording. I think for that would be writen new drivers.
  11. Hi, i have strange problem with instaling apps on CM10 R2. I have free space on phone but cannot install any app. Screenshots:
  12. Strange problem with text on R5
  13. only 119$
  14. Does somebodey have stock ICS B935 (dload)? (Croatia bonbon)

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