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  1. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    are you trying to compile this ( right?
  2. hi, my repo is in first post :) good luck with your phone! edit: please tell me your github account so i can add you as repo collaborator and you can upload your patches in my repo!
  3. hi, i will do soon :) edit: i noticed that buttery bug is not yet fixed in kernel code...but in cm9 code... so we have to wait gellmar for a true fix ;) sorry :)
  4. Hi all. I was tired of Link2SD app... so i ported (too big word) Cronmod INT2EXTV2+ script to our device. All credits: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1716124 I actually: 1) disabled swap2int 2) edited update-script to properly mount system partition 3) edited main script to support sd-ext in our device (sd-ext device block is a little different than other phones) Install: 1) remove other link2sd apps or app2sd scripts 2) flash on top of CM9 3) reboot and wait a couple of minutes (the phone will hangs on LG logo for a while, don't worry) Download: http://www.mediafire...gn7wgj54yof7d4r (mirror) enjoy
  5. [ROM][Port] AOKP E400M6

    i don't know the exact command to make boot.img from zImage and ramdisk, i tried mkbootimg --kernel zImage --ramdisk boot.img-ramdisk.gz --cmdline no_console_suspend=1-console=null --base 12c00000 --output boot-new.img but i got a non-bootable kernel... maybe hecatae know the right command :D
  6. [ROM][Port] AOKP E400M6

    To solve the boot issue of build 2... 1) flash this rom 2) flash another complete cyanogenmod kernel like the irberserk one: http://www.mediafire...qi9kbt8bys2bt12 [YOU MUST DO THIS PART!!!] 3) flash my kernel enjoy :)
  7. Please take a high resolution photo of the screen (no video, no screenshot), thanks :)
  8. umh, i don't know sorry, i always make a backup before flash...
  9. i have contacted the author of the kernel, waiting for a reply from him :)
  11. i can't integrate it in cyanogenmod because i'm not a member of cyanogen team. just remember to flash my kernel every time you flash a new CM :) for your problem, it's very strange, try to flash my kernel again :)

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