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  1. Take a look at Cyanogenmod : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1528412 Been using it for about a month, awesome ROM
  2. Very Smooth Rom - Great Work. I have also experienced issues with Broken WiFi as well as high battery drain. Otherwise everything else works
  3. [ROM] CleanGB

    Good Day, Apologies for the delay in response, I was using the Simple Streak 1.2 from Spidla : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1113256 I have tested StreakDroid GingerStreak 2.4.4, and experience the same problem. Has anyone noted that the random re-booting is a knows issue by Dell and they are currently working on a fix. http://support.dell....&l=en&s=gen&cs= Article Summary:This article deals with random reboots of the Streak 5 device running Android Gingerbread OS. Problem: Streak 5 devices running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system may reboot randomly when the device is not actively being used. Description: If a Streak 5 device running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread v4.05) is left unattended, the unit may experience random reboots. This occurs very infrequently and will only happen if the device is powered on, is plugged into the wall charger, and has been left unattended in idle mode. If this happens, the customer may notice that the screen turns on briefly during the reboot process. No data loss will occur and the unit will reboot to the desktop. This does not appear to happen when the device is actively being used. Solution: This is not a hardware failure. Dell engineering is actively engaged and seeking a solution for this software problem. A future software update is expected to fully resolve the issue.
  4. [ROM] CleanGB

    muteman3 Thank you for all your help, seems I am the only one experiencing issues, so the problem must be my side. I will keep an eye open for any new ROMS from you!
  5. [ROM] CleanGB

    Hi Initially I was using noapps in the install.txt, thought this was causing an issue so removed it. Suspected it was a density issue so removed that as well. The tested without an install.txt file. Current Rom Installed : Official GB. Steps Followed now: Format SD Card Copy "Clean GB 3.zip" to the SD Card - Only file on SD Card fastboot -i 0x413c flash recovery recovery.img "streakmod" fastboot -i 0x413c flash amss amss.mbn fastboot -i 0x413c flash dsp1 dsp1.mbn fastboot -i 0x413c reboot Wipe cache partition Advanced > Wipe Dalvic Cache Wipe Data/Factory reset apply sdcard:update.zip > choose zip from sdcard >Clean GB 3.zip > Chose to install Clean GB 3.zip *Install from sdcard complete* Reboot system now Dell Factory Reset before first boot Skipped signing into a Google Account Date and time were all correct Setup Wireless No errors thus far. At this stage I logged onto Outlook Web Access and Confirmed no devices listed under Mobile Devices. Open Email Application Enter Address and Password Select Manual Setup Select Exchange Entered domain\username entered server Select Accept all SSL certificates > Next The Server *** requires that you allows it to remotely control some security featured of your phone. Do you with to finish setting up this account Selected OK Inbox check frequency: Never Amount to synchronize: One Month > Next Named the Account Screen came up to Activate Device Administrator Selected Activate Checking Mailbox list Please Wait..... The Application Email (process com.android.email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again [Force Close] At this point I logged onto Outlook Web access and found under Mobile Devices the device is listed successfully Restarting the Dell does not resolve the issue. I am running Exchange 2007 on Server 2003 R2 Is there any other information you would like me to provide? I will continue to monitor to see if ti still restarts at random Thank you Again for your assistance
  6. [ROM] CleanGB

    Thank you for this. I have flashed with the Recovery image provided. Before I did this I flashed to the recently released "Official GB" from Dell. Everything seems to be working fine, but as expected, USSD not working and thought I should mention that Mail application here is also not perfect, took numerous failed attempts inputting the same settings for it to work. With the official GB released, you think you will change your ROM in any way? Clean GB is an awesome ROM, with mail fixed, definitely going to use it. Thanks Again
  7. I have the exact same reboot issue, take a look here : http://android.modac...23#entry1869423, read from Post #22
  8. [ROM] CleanGB

    Thank you, I did the steps exactly as you suggested, this time not a single error when flashing. I had a random re-boot this morning, will continue to monitor. I have 2 Issues: I cannot Sync my Exchange Mail. Mail Application force Close.I cannot check Air Time, If I dial *121*2# as I normally do, It Says : USSD Code Running... > Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code If I cant get this sorted, I will have to go back to a Different ROM
  9. [ROM] CleanGB

    I have gone through the steps you provided, main difference I could see was I previously flashed AMSS and dsp1 before installing the zip file, here is what I done: Through ClockWork Recovery Mod Wipe Cache Partition Wipe Dalvik Cache Wipe Battery Status Wipe Data/Factory reset Installed Clean GB 3.zip Restarted, allowed phone to startup. - FAILED - 4 x BOOT LOOP - Freez on Android Logo Pulled Battery Tried to do a Factory Reset "Dell" - Failed Default NV Check #2 In Red at the bottom of the screen Phone Restarts Itself Factory Reset "Dell" - Phone Start Up successfully fastboot -i 0x413c flash amss amss.mbn fastboot -i 0x413c flash dsp1 dsp1.mbn fastboot -i 0x413c reboot I am using the following install.txt Portrait launcherpro density120 =================================================== Setting up Exchange mail still results in force close on Mail Program Noticed sms messages are now grouped as From and To no longer in order received and sent "Strange was not like this Before" Will have to see if the phone restarts itself like before
  10. [ROM] CleanGB

    Brilliant ROM, exactly what I was looking for, however after using for 2 days, I get random restarts. If I factory rest it works for another 2 days, and then random restarts. sometimes boot loop for about 4 cycles then starts up fine. Any Suggestions on how to fix this?
  11. Streakdroid 2.3

    fastboot -i 0x413c flash amss amss.mbn fastboot -i 0x413c flash dsp1 dsp1.mbn fastboot -i 0x413c reboot
  12. HTC Flyer Bootloader Unlock

    Cool, thank you
  13. HTC Flyer Bootloader Unlock

    Good Day, HTC has updated the Bootloader unlocker to work with the HTC Flyer. Has anyone tried using it as yet, and if so is it advisable. I want to install custome roms as well as root my device. Will using this boot loader make it easier or more difficult to root my flyer? Link for anyone interested: http://www.htcdev.com/bootloader/
  14. Streakdroid 2.3

    I have had excellent battery life. Average on 40 hours, with using wireless and 3G at times. I only turn on 3G and wireless when needed tho, and end background programs running if I don't need them "Have not tested GPS"
  15. I had 360 on my phone, much slower than Simple Streak 1.2 by Spidla, and I experienced issues with cellphone signal. Currently using Steakdroid 2.3 Gingerstreaks Much nicer younger sister, pretty impressed so far