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  1. GrandDestroyer

    HTC One X Review

    I just found out that you can actually reduce the number of screens in the launcher, the maximum is still 7 but by long pressing a thumbnail you can remove a screen! I am used to having only 3 screens with widgets and apps so I like this very much hehe. Has anyone else noticed an issue with the 4x4 calendar widget that is showing all items in your calendar in a row where you can scroll through? It seems a bit buggy, which sometimes strange animations.
  2. GrandDestroyer

    HTC One X Review

    Nice review! I already had the device since Saturday and it's indeed an awesome device! I have the gray/black version though. I think the tweaking could be that the companion core is more used then it currently is ;) I would expect the battery life to improve significantly if more work can be done on the companion core. Quick question, how is the notification led on the white version? I heard its easier to see then on the gray/black one for some reason.