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  1. aidanj added a post in a topic [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo   

    i tried flashing orange ics with the updated tool, and got the error 7 again (error in cache i think), and the phone is bootlooping at the intel logo.
    normally i would do the fix brick option, but it says "waiting for device" - which was not the case with previous versions of the tool.
    what to do?
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  2. aidanj added a post in a topic [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo   


    i am having a bit of trouble flashing the orange ics 'over' the xolo ics, as i need to send off my phone to orange for repair.
    i am currently on the xolo ics and am rooted.
    i have gone through the san diego setup program, selected 64-bit, and downloaded all of the roms (i.e. xolo ics, orange ics and orange gb).
    i rooted my phone successfully, then flashed the orange logo successfully (what is the difference between that and the "stock" logo?).
    i then tried to flash the orange ics so that my warranty would be valid, but was met by this:

    adb insecure is obviusly enabled, so no issues there.
    then my phone attempts to flash the rom, and i am met with this:

    the phone then rebbots, then boot loops at the intel logo, so all i can do is do fix brick from within the aio tools itiliy which resets and un-roots the phone - but remains on xolo ics.
    anyone know what's going wrong here?
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  3. aidanj added a post in a topic [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo   

    is there any way i can downgrade from the xolo ics to the original orange 2.3 gingerbread?
    reason i ask is that i need to run a file recovery tool to recover some files - i cannot currently do this as post-ics, my phone comes up as a portable media drive and not an actual removable mass storage drive.
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  4. aidanj added a post in a topic Orange: San Diego is bootloader locked and staying that way   

    wearthefoxhate - intel had a say in it too - more so than orange i would bet. i really like the sd, but, according to paul, no root means no use of the 'hidden' microsd slot ... i am running out of space, damn it.
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  5. aidanj added a post in a topic Orange San Diego Review   

    i would go for the san diego personally (i have had one since the 6th). whilst the screen is smaller, it has a higher resolution - i personally could not go back to 800 x 480 after using the sd. it depends on your needs really - i would imagine the optimus3d can be rooted - if that is important to you, then it seems the 3d is the logical choice. th sd is lighter and smaller - although the 3d's screen is .3" bigger than the sd, you may find it harder to reach the top of the screen.

    the sd fits nicely in the hand. oh, and if 16gb is not enough storage for you - then the 3d may be the way to go, if the sd's microsd's slot cannot be 'activated'. also, i would imagie battery life to be better on the sd than the 3d. if you do not plan on making use of the 3d's 3d screen/camera, then ... and if you do, i would imagine the novelty would wear off quickly. remember - cores are not everything.
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  6. aidanj added a post in a topic Will you be buying ZTE Skate (aka in UK Orange Monte Carlo)   

    the blade's been a brilliant phone for me, but i've recently purchased a htc hd2, and replacing it with the skate would be a slight step back.
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  7. aidanj added a post in a topic [ROM] Blue Ginger V5   

    i really enjoyed using cyanogen green, so i'll be giving this a go. i think your needs to be done/bugs section is more than enough for now, though i do have one suggestion. you could implement len ash's autobrightness settings from here, if he'll allow you to i quite like them.
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  8. aidanj added a post in a topic Work out a ZTE Vanilla Gingerbread leak out version[Kernel 2.6.35]   

    thank you so much! downloaded in 22 seconds, so much better than 5/6 hours, heh.
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  9. aidanj added a post in a topic Work out a ZTE Vanilla Gingerbread leak out version[Kernel 2.6.35]   

    could i trouble someone to mirror version 2.4? hotfile is really slow - six hours left ...
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  10. aidanj added a post in a topic [ROM][GEN2]CyanogenMod 7 (Android 2.3.7)   

    to add to my earlier post - i fully charged my phone, received a notification, and just left my phone on standby. i've had a 10% (apparently) drop of battery in just under half an hour ...
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  11. aidanj added a post in a topic [ROM][GEN2]CyanogenMod 7 (Android 2.3.7)   

    it is for me. the last build that i used that had good battery life was one of the mid nightly 30s. i upgraded to nightly 39, and the bad battery life returned. the battery life rapidly decreases when the phone is sleeping (say i charge it to 100% overnight, and leave it, it'll be at around 60% after about four or five hours of seemingly doing nothing). i have brightness on a very low setting, gps and wi-fi always off, go to sleep enabled in spare parts, trackball wake disabled in cyanogenmod settings, and the cpu is set to ondemand govenor with default values. so, something is preventing the phone from sleeping - i cannot turn the display on with the menu buttons (this is good), and the backlit buttons turn off as they should.

    i'm positive what's causing the battery drain for me is notifications (so, when i receive an sms or e-mail for example). this happens with noled active - i deleted it, and reverted to the 'standard' notification alter i deleted it), and the battery still drains excessively when i receive a nitification and don't quickly dismiss it. why? i have no idea? i've even calibrated my battery. i also have wheresmydroidpower installed to monitor any suspect apps using high battery usage - of which none s reported. i've also checked in settings -> applications -> battery use.

    i may have to convert my phone back to gen 1 and revert to an earlier good known nightly.
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  12. aidanj added a post in a topic CM7 Nightlies Topic [Nightly 28- 21/03/2011]   

    i've flashed back to n23 - and the screen freezes that plagued n26-28 have now gone. does anyone know what was added to the rom that could cause the screen freeze issues i experienced?
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  13. aidanj added a post in a topic CM7 Nightlies Topic [Nightly 28- 21/03/2011]   

    this issue doesn't only occur when playing music on the phone. it happens to me infrequently whilst browsing the web. i don't remember it occuring on nightly 19 and later up until now.
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  14. aidanj added a post in a topic CM7 Nightlies Topic [Nightly 28- 21/03/2011]   

    i'm not so sure about darktremor's a2sd - i used to use it on the nightly builds, but it always required a re-install after i flashed a new nightly. personally, i use link2sd, found in the market - i haven't put a new nightly on since installing it, so i'll see what happens when the new nightly build is released.
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  15. aidanj added a post in a topic CM7 Nightly Discussion Thread [Old, please use new thread]   

    there's a 'search topic' box after the last post of every page, you know.
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