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  1. nexusninja

    Looking for app or modded rom for a specific use

    Hey no harm no foul. I usually think the same about most people that do the same thing and usually its true. That was my original back up plan, I guess that's what I will go too. Thanks for the help
  2. nexusninja

    Looking for app or modded rom for a specific use

    Well not spam...there all opt in subscribers. I just don't want the from number to be my cell phone number. Using an online gateway would cost quite a bit more, doing it this way would be a one time investment. Yea that's the one except the Android version http://www.drpusoftware.com/drpusoft/bulk-sms-android.html
  3. Let me start off by saying...I am not a programmer in any way. So I know I would be completely unsuccessful in doing this on my own. I need to be able to send text messages from a blocked or custom number from my phone. This needs to be the way the phone sends texts. I have a program from DRPU to send texts from my desktop using my phone as the gateway. The issue I have is that the texts show from the number assigned to my phone. If anyone can help let me know. Compensation is available. Thanks Contact me on gmail at datarenegade
  4. So after the issue I had with FRG33 I decided to go thru the kitchen, got my bake and loaded, now it is stuck on the cyanogen load page...any suggestions?? Had to factory wipe no loads and worked fine till a few hours ago and now the 2G and 3G Internet does not work, WIFI text and calls are fine, Factory reset again and now working...lets see
  5. I installed the version that says to be compatible with trackball alert, update-nexusone-FRG33-rooted-deodex-busybox-ta-fingerprint-radio-signed it starts to install as its finishing it says deleting files about 20 times, then says complete and asks to reboot. After reboot I am left on the static Nexus X screen ( not the animated X) and thats it nothing else. So I installed, update-nexusone-FRG33-rooted-radio-signed and it works fine but I wanted to use Trackball Alert... what do you think the issue is?