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  1. Original HTC desire boot animation

    I've been trying to revert my customised boot animation on my htc desire back to the one that comes with the official froyo rom. The current one is quite messy, and i prefer something clean and slick. I've been googling around, for the original boot screen file, but has had no luck. :) anyone kind enough to help me out?
  2. How to make sure that app2sd is working?

    ah, ok. cool. thanks for clearing the confusion guys. :P
  3. How to make sure that app2sd is working?

    thanks, i've checked using quick system info, and the a2sd is there, i've tried installing flashplayer 10.1. before installing flash: sd card storage: free 4.7gb a2sd storage free: 475mb system storage free: 107mb internal storage free: 107mb after installing flash: sd card storage: free 4.7gb a2sd storage free: 475mb system storage free: 98.25mb internal storage free: 98.25mb which pretty much mean that my partition didn't work. I think... :P A complete noob here. sigh.
  4. How to make sure that app2sd is working?

    I've read your post before, and it is indeed informative. However, after doing abit more research, i understand that phone memory should show higher available space than 98mb that i'm currently having, otherwise, my Apps2sd isn't working properly. grr. i'm still confuse whether ive done this correctly or not. Could anyone kindly write/point me to the latest method to get apps2sd+/a2sd+/apps2sd working on my htc desire?
  5. A total noob here, just got my desire yesterday and have been playing with root and custom roms. I even semi bricked it, lol. but luckily i've restored it to original setting and fix all issues. Now, I've decided to settle with AuraxTSense v7.9 Rom, and one of its features is app2sd. From my undestanding, app2sd is superior than a2sd+, correct? i've partitioned my sdhc memory card using paragon partition manager (around 6gb FAT32, and around 600mb for linux ext3). But i'm not sure what I'm doing, and how to determine that app2sd is working on my phone. basically, I understand what it's for, but i dont quite get how to use it. anyone willing to help?
  6. because i'm still unsure which one i should go for, either the original desire or the desire hd. i like the desire because its size is ideal for me, and it has a very strong dev community which gives it additional value. but the desire hd is much snappier and faster, which is very important to me. But if not many devs are getting this device and working on it, then i might not get it. but that's aside, Who else are buying desire HD? (just out of curiosity, wanna see how popular is the HD. lol)
  7. Lol, yes i know. HTC7 is just as big, and it'll take many month before the hacking scene develop and mature for windows phone 7. But i'd be going to orange store tomorrow and hopefully have a play with htc mozart or samsung omnia 7 and see how the OS feels like. Who knows, WP7 OS might be a solid one with no reason to jailbreak/root/whatever-they-gona-call-it. p.s. I have a hunch that I'm gona end up getting HTC desire HD from tmob website instead. lol.
  8. Desire HD Contract T-mobile

    was told by the rep that it'll take around 10 days to get your htc desire hd delivered if you order it online.
  9. froyo 2.2

    just ignore him. You're doing this for the whole community, and his attitude isn't helping at all. The very least that he could do is appreciate all the hardwork and be polite.
  10. froyo 2.2

    oh awesome,I woke up this morning and I saw this thread. Been reading every single post. And that benchmark is sweet! Too bad i wont be able to contribute to the development of the rom. :D anyway, nice work indeed guys! :P
  11. I am! So sooo tempted to buy it. But i dont like the fact that it's temporary root, etc. And it's kinda too large for my liking. but the thing is, this phone is only 3opound more expensive than the original desire. lol. i wish i'm a wee bit richer so that i can afford both phones. lol.
  12. title says it all. I went to CPW and had a play with the new desire HD. i'm pretty impressed. But i'm restraining myself from buying one as i was told by the o2 rep on the phone that HTC7 windows phone 7 will be available on o2 starting from early next week. *droool*
  13. lol, very concise indeed. But very helpful answer too. :)
  14. Finally messed up

    if you can't do nothing to boot it, then can't you just send it back to orange and tell them the phone wont boot at all?
  15. It's incorporated in the custom rom that u're using. If you search on the forum, there'll be a thread explaining how you could change the modaco logo to something else. but tbh, i dont really mind having the logo. I'd rather have it sit there quietly than bricking my phone. :)