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  1. Highscreen Yummu Duo New

    Hi everybody! I'm from Russia and I have got the russian device, which is made in china =) So it looks like So OS - Android 4.0.4 Processor MTK6575M, 1 Ghz RAM and ROM = 512MB Camera - 5Mp+Light,autofocus and 0,3(front) DUAL SIM Baseband Version: MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V13.P2, 2012/08/12 Kernel version: 3.0.13 [email protected] #1 Can you help me to find the similar device? I want to have root for it. Thx. From Russia, with love!
  2. A ghost in my S100 and CMod ROMs

    What do you mean? Overclocking?
  3. A ghost in my S100 and CMod ROMs

    " A ghost in my S100 and CMod ROMs, It's only with CM ROMs"
  4. A ghost in my S100 and CMod ROMs

    Yes. I've used this script #!/system/bin/sh (sleep 90;echo 75 > /sys/devices/platform/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-005c/sensitivity;echo 75 > /sys/devices/platform/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-005c/noise) & I've done a wipe and a fresh install a lot of time.
  5. A ghost in my S100 and CMod ROMs

    I need your help,guys =)
  6. A ghost in my S100 and CMod ROMs

    Where I should check it?
  7. WTF?! With all CM ROMs my A1 has got his own life. It looks like a ghost manages my phone.
  8. Yeah,It's cool =) Thanks,man) =) With love and respect from Russia B)
  9. acer liquid metal

    FM radio? =)
  10. [TUTORIAL] How to flash .bin files on Acer Liquid/E

    my phone stoped at "Download mode => OS Download mode"
  11. Loudly 3.5 jack

    Hi everybody. Sorry for my bad english,I'm russian. So I think we can make 3.5 jack's voltage higher and it will give us louder sound. Is it real? =) Or in Xian rom the voltage is higher than is Acer rom?