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  1. nobnut

    Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    No. I've identified the issue and it is pretty much unfixable without breaking the concept behind SWITCH. It is ROM based and means that for certain types of Exchange accounts, you're out of luck unless you want to manually re-sync each time you SWITCH. Kind of destroys the concept for me. @Lenny - try not to comment about things you don't understand and haven't even investigated, and assume that a bug report is a user's mistake. You just make yourself look silly.
  2. nobnut

    Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    LOL You and your assumptions. I'll assume it isn't just me as I have flashed three times (all with wipe). It is always there. Your testers maybe need some new specs.
  3. nobnut

    Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    That's not going to happen as I don't even use the same app. There are different mail apps in the ROMs. It would be 'Settings' that I would need to exclude and I've already tried it.
  4. nobnut

    Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    @Paul for when you return from holiday. Many thanks for SWITCH. I've been giving it a good run around and am very impressed. Besides what you have in your OP, have just found one small (but quite annoying issue). Following every SWITCH, my email and calendar account settings are still in place but they are always marked as not synced in settings. I have to manually recheck the boxes to allow them to sync automatically again. This happens both ways between SWITCHES and in both Sense and GE ROMS. It also happens every time and is easily reproducible. Thanks again.
  5. nobnut

    Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    If you meant should you select the 'fix root' prompt in CWM before you reboot. You should select 'no'. From the OP:
  6. nobnut

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

    This a very fair review. I agree with almost everything except the battery life experience. I can't replicate that lifespan. The lag is actually a feature. S-Lag is very effective at slowing down the user experience but gets a little boring after a while. I also can't find the setting to turn it off. Quite frustrating...
  7. nobnut

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense now you explain it. Keep up the good work!
  8. nobnut

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    Just downloaded 17 and all is well apart from no Blinkfeed icon in launcher on a ONE. Or maybe I've misunderstood the purpose of that particular mod. EDIT: All's (nearly) good now. I deactivated (rebooted) and reactivated (rebooted) and it's now displaying like a champ!.. but it doesn't actually do anything when clicked on, from the app drawer or a screen folder.
  9. Hi, Filesonic isn't playing nice with me. I've downloaded the files from points 1 - 4 in the checklist without problems but I am not able to download the Patched Revolutionary Recovery Image and Updated Hboot from steps 5 and 6 respectively. I keep getting the message 'Download Error - Free users may only download 1 file at a time.' I've tried editing my Hosts file/clearing my cache etc. Any kind soul able to help me out with an alternative link please? I will be extremely grateful. Thank you! EDIT: Ignore please - someone has helped me out. Thanks anyway!
  10. nobnut


    Short answer?.. No. It is part of HTC's Sense. The closest you can get is this with unlock animations checked.
  11. nobnut

    Wifi Tethering

    Not until rooted and fixed. Out of the box it just supports usb tethering.
  12. nobnut

    Modaco Official froyo ROM?

    A gentleman and a scholar.
  13. nobnut

    Modaco Official froyo ROM?

    No, I meant you have a good HANDLE on things. The thing at the end of a bell... a handle. Relax.
  14. nobnut

    Modaco Official froyo ROM?

    Where is the hostility in my post? Shalom. What do they call that thing at the end of a bell? Oh yes... djtosh.
  15. nobnut

    Gmail PUSH support not working after FroYo

    Interesting. Be sure to let me know what happens. I want every detail please.