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  1. Cheers Tillaz... hope your not taking my comments as unfair criticism I know your Infusion ROM is recommended by lots of people. Im just trying to use a ROM that will give me the least amount of headaches as illl be the one that sorts out any problems with the phone ;) Would you recommend that B06 would be better to run in my case? Thanks
  2. Thanks. I did look in the Infusion thread before making this one, has had done a bit of research before hand. It seems that the Infusion ROM has problems though with dialler etc. :/
  3. We have 2 G300s in the family (my fiancees and father in law). Father in laws will be a pressie for Christmas, so im eager to set it all up for him before hand. Its recently received the ICS OTA update that a lot of people complained to Vodafone about (think it was insecure in ways and also had many bugs). I would like to install a nice clean stable ROM, that will give my father in law the minimum of issues and offer maximum stability. Can you please recommend one for me? Also a link to a guide to do it would be great too, Thanks
  4. My brother has an Acer Liquid Metal and hasnt been able to do much with it as the internal storage is full up... without installing many apps. Is there anyway to help solve this issue? Is there an app he can install to move stuff over to SD card? Whats the situation with custom roms... are there any that offer a more refined experience than stock and worth installing. My brother will want a reliable phone and wont be interested in tinkering too much.
  5. yes i thought there was a volume fix?
  6. Considering getting one of these for the missus as a replacement to San Fran / ZTE Skate that has become a bit more sluggish with newer apps recently. (Facebook App struggles badly). Is it much of a step up? Thanks
  7. Excellent... thanks for the tip will try hunt out the info :-)
  8. Hi. My gf has a San Fran with a flibblesan rom on it from about 9 months ago. Think its froyo. (Haven't got it here at mo to check). She is getting a lot of warnings saying storage space is low when she doesn't have much installed at all and many apps as possible moved to SD card in the traditional way. She only really uses it for calls SMS and Facebook (which seems to be running rubbish on the SF now).... so no need for fancy options. Can anyone recommend a suitable rom? The ability to store apps properly to SD would be one other worthwhile feature. Thanks
  9. nevdroid

    Adobe Flash Player on Liquid Metal?

    great thanks. was looking at the San Fran as a birthday present for my bro, but think the Liquid Metal looks a better buy with the better processor and Camera flash too.
  10. Just wondering if Flash Player works ok on this phone? I remember Flash player only being available for phones with 1GHz + processors. Can anyone clarify?
  11. Tried getting the £79 orange deal today had no luck. My mother in law has a pay monthly account.. no luck on that. Father in law has 2 payg phones. Both with £50 credit on. Yet they said u don't qualify if u don't top up regularly. Tough luck on orange... wont be spending any more with them... neither will father in law! Looks like ill be getting it from Argos tomorrow for £89