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  1. [CM10] [ROM] [Super Hornet] Acer Liquid - (OS 4.1.2 Jelly Bean)

    Hey there.. Any news, updates for this nice ROM?
  2. [CM10] [ROM] [Super Hornet] Acer Liquid - (OS 4.1.2 Jelly Bean)

    Nevermind, remembered the how-to.
  3. [CM10] [ROM] [Super Hornet] Acer Liquid - (OS 4.1.2 Jelly Bean)

    Can somebody provide with details on how to flash the recovery for jb? Thanx
  4. [CM9.0] Repack&Port! By Corasaaa

    i just saw a video of the NexusHD2-ICS-CM9-HWA running on HD2, amazing performance. Considering that the Liquid e doesnt have much worse specs, it should look good. wish i could help but no dev skills here. let us know though if u come up with a solution, there r still a few of us who would be interested. cheers
  5. [CM7.2] Cyanogenmod 7.2 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    Thanx for the info man
  6. [CM7.2] Cyanogenmod 7.2 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    For anyone that has tried both: How does this ROM compare to InDark1.1? Is it any faster-smoother? How about battery life? Thanx
  7. ROM: LiquidNext Mix / CM 7.2

    Hey guys. Last night I noticed a huge drain while asleep, of about 43%/8h. On battery stats i had 50% phone idle and something like 30% cell standby. Left all night at 3G. Any ideas?
  8. ROM: LiquidNext Mix / CM 7.2

    Trying Indark 1.1 out, very fast n smooth, great work! PS. Yes i also own a o2x, but referring to a miraculously revived from the dead Liquid E.
  9. mmm the airplane mode bug is present too.. Already had to wipe all and reflash twice.. EDIT: Found the solution (here). This bug appears when choosing only-3G networks and rebooting. In order to fix it, switch the phone off, remove sim, restart the phone, search for networks and eventually choose 'automatic selection', switch phone off, put sim back in, reboot.
  10. Have you found any solution on this?
  11. gr6 vanilla with rc-12 test built 3 here. apart from some lags on root explorer, works like a charm. Fast, smooth and looks like havin great battery life (need more time to tell for sure)
  12. For Paul: v20O

    I dont wanna spam but.. this is indeed great news!
  13. Great news indeed! Thanx for all ur hard work Paul, standing by 4 more.
  14. For Paul: v20O

    Thanx for everything Paul, even w lots of newest ROMs rolling out lately im still faithful to the Gr5 solution :-)