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  1. NVFlash Setup Instructions

    I'm afraid the links are no longer active, I've amended the first post to reflect this.
  2. See: http://georgeblog.nyarangi.com/2012/12/hulu-not-working-on-rooted-device.html http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1449110
  3. NVFlash Setup Instructions

    It could be driver confusion in Windows but it may also be a problem USB port. The first step will be to manually remove all of the associated drivers from Windows and try again - it's a painful but probably necessary process. Google "manually remove drivers from Windows".
  4. Thank you. This is an excellent development Paul.
  5. Nice... you always seem have a way of getting me to renew my subscription Paul... ;) Forgive me for not knowing, does CM (or MCR CM) have customisable navigation keys? Absolutely essential for me.
  6. Have a look at this guide I wrote, should help you. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11a7ghZpdTcZbeDtneTnEHkHLn5_XQ9k2FDFFh-os-q0/edit
  7. Stock Android (AOSP) like on the Nexus does not have multi-font support sorry. You can change the .ttf (with root) in /system/fonts/ (make a backup first).
  8. Errrr stupid mistake - HELP

    I assume you can access recovery? If so, you'll need to brush up on adb so you can then "push" a new ROM to the phone from a computer. If you can't get to recovery and only have access to the bootloader you'll need to fastboot flash a new recovery then use adb to push the ROM.
  9. NVFlash Setup Instructions

    Hmm, not sure about that sorry - except to check 100% you're using the correct bootloader and it's not corrupt (md5). A Google search of "nverror 0x0" might throw up some interesting links.
  10. NVFlash Setup Instructions

    I don't sorry - try downloading the bootloader again and make sure the md5 matches. Are there any messages before 'Bootloader download failed'?
  11. NVFlash Setup Instructions

    Try using the comment prompt to run nvflash rather than Explorer. Hold shift, right click on the folder, click 'Open command window here' then in the black box that opens try typing your commands.
  12. Confirmed. Some Ti functions don't work on JB yet.
  13. No, not really. You would need to create that from source and build it in to the framework.